New Android App January 27

Anyone seeing any issues or improvements yet? I’m definitely seeing faster loading…for now

I can see some improvements in speed but not were it should be…

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No change for me apart from getting the update same time as you guys, I usually have to wait a week

It was only a small update and there appears to be no feature changes

This update came via the Galaxy Store as the previous one did and I get to see SmartThings listed now. Prior to that the app wasn’t available for my phone in the Galaxy Store, despite being preinstalled, and was updated via Google Play. I am hoping owners of some other Galaxy phones may find they can now install it.

I can’t see any obvious changes. It may perhaps be a tad sharper on startup but it was largely OK for me anyway.

I got it yesterday on my Note 5 via the Google Play store. No improvements that I can see yet. I still see a lot of checking status on devices when starting the app.

Still can’t add more than 200 devices, so the workaround is still needed.

I take that back. It actually updated overnight from Google Play where they show a release date of the 25th. The Galaxy Store release date is the 28th.

I got the update yesterday - no noticeable change, still missing some scenes.

Still no fix for Android 11.

The supportedButtonValues attribute is ignored by Automations so all 22 values are listed instead of just the ones supported by the device.

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Guys, anyone else having issues with temperature sensors not keeping historical data?

I just checked several of mine, but it’s all good here.

Strange all my sensors are doing the same

could be a shard issue on the backend. as always, report it to ST support


Can you show me your minutes please?

I have reverted to reporting only the important things to smartthings because i have been reporting the issue for slow loading of devices dashboard since December and almost wrote some naughty things to take me seriously… lets wait and see if this will be fixed

Here ya’ go:

I must admit I thought that predated the latest (two) updates but I’ve lost track of time. In my device I get a capability name (which can have three values) followed by sixty-six button attribute values, sixty-three of which aren’t valid. If it were four capability names or sixty-nine values it would at least be consistent, but why on earth have a mix? Obviously the complete lack of component, capability or attribute names is just ridiculous. It is almost more work to not visually separate them.

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Hm… that is indeed strange. I have 3 aqara humidity sensors, 1 evohome thermostat and 1 evohome hot water all with the same issue, but the smartthings button works great…

Nothing to worry about it has passed QC/QA. :roll_eyes:

Are those using a custom DTH? If so, make sure the DTH has “displayed: true” in the sendEvent for those capabilities.

EDIT: Crap, all that does is ensure it’s in your history tab, sorry.

EDIT again: I was curious and checked on of my devices using a custom DTH, and sure enough the Temperature graph is not working. Let me do some digging around to make sure it really isn’t related to a custom DTH not doing something right for the new app.