V2 Hub that has never been used won't act right

I have a friend that just bought an old home monitoring kit with the ETH-250 v2 hub that was new in box, but it’s 4-5 years old and has never been powered on. It will set up and show connected but then it flip flops between connected and disconnected and will not add any of the sensors that came with it. Actually he bought two of these kits and both hubs act exactly the same. The sensors work because they will add instantly to mine but neither of his hubs will detect anything. I added one of his hubs to my account and have been looking at it in the IDE website and it has lots of fields missing that mine shows, like it doesnt even show the firmware version. It says zigbee is at version 2.1.6 whereas my own v2 hub shows zigbee FUNCTIONAL and 2.9.0.

My question is, are these old stock hubs so far behind in firmware that they aren’t going to work? Is there a way to manually update them or if left plugged in for days will they get up to date and work?

what firmware is showing for the hub?

also, zigbee shows as 5.1.2 on my v2 hub (US)

my recommendation, connect the hub back to your friends account. wait a day or two and ensure the firmware has updates to 35.x

or contact ST support and see if they can push the firmware to the hub as well for the zigbee and z-wave

zigbee → 5.1.2
z-wave → 6.04
hub → 35.4

That’s one of the weird things, there is no field showing the firmware version.

We called support yesterday and they were clueless as to why it wouldnt work. They created a case and 10 minutes later he got an email that the case was closed.

And on this page mine shows lots of options that this one doesn’t

contact support again and ask that it be moved to a higher level of support … bug them if needed :wink:

if you are in a region where you can call… that might yield a quicker response.

plus, make sure the hub is back in your friends account when you initiate the support request.

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Thanks, he still has the one we opened the case on at his house on his account, I have the other one that he bought on mine.

one thought… try rebooting the hub in IDE and wait a while. that might force it to contact the ST servers and check for new firmware.

Yup, I’ve tried that, I thought I had all the answers for him as I’ve been messing with these things for 5 years but this one (or two) have me stumped.

my guess is it will require intervention from ST support to push down the needed firmware. after that happens, the hub should be good to go

2.9.0 on both of mine (UK).

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On the phone with them now, again.

45 minute call, the lady was real nice, but didn’t have any idea what was going on so it has been escalated

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There used to be an issue where the zigbee firmware couldn’t be updated for some reason. It should have been fixed for now…

Have a look at the comments here:

@kidtriton, actually this was the fix for it:

@BroderickCarlin is not working anymore for SmartThings, but I can tag @tpmanley, who might can give a hand if the aforementioned solution is not working.

Are you on the beta firmware? I have 5.1.2 as well.

No, I’m still awaiting approval (or not) for the beta programme.

2.9.0 as well here…non beta in US

Damn the reseting instructions are not on that site anymore. Here is another link to that.

I’m having the exact same issue with a kit I purchased on Amazon. Even made a video about it… Looks like I was trying to factory reset it wrong in the video but I tried to do it the way they say by holding down the reset for 30 seconds but mine never flashes yellow. It just cycles between blue and Orange (maybe that’s yellow" but there is no flashing. I got 2 of these these kids and had to reset the others as well. Maybe I got a bad one. Looks like I may have to have my wife mail my v3 hub that I have sitting at home that I almost threw in my suitcase. It will be a costly mistake.

If you find a solution let me know.

Heyday, exactly how mine and my neighbors is acting! I read about the holding the reset in until it flashes yellow but mine never goes yellow. In fact I’ve only ever seen it be red when it first is powered up or after holding down reset, blue when it’s booting (I guess), and green when its finished booting and connected to the smartthings cloud. I also don’t have the info like you were describing whereas three other hubs I own do show the version and zwave utilities, this one does not, and same for my neighbor.

So I just got off the phone with support. The rep wouldn’t connect me to the level 2 support… she said she could only message them… the bottom line she told me that to troubleshoot this with the higher-level support and figure out how to push a firmware would take more than a week and it would be faster for me to go to their site and try to order a new Hub. I told her that’s not going to work for me as I’m only here in Hawaii for 7 days and there isn’t enough time to get something shipped out. So basically getting the run-around.

On the plus size I actually have a new v3 hub sitting at home and my wife is sending it 2nd mail… for $140 so I should be able to get that one to work but what a pain.