V2 Hub possibly bricked from ST firmware update

Hello, I started with the ST v2 hub starter kit in Sept 2016. Of course i have added many devices, integrations, and automations over the years. I was gun ho at first, adding smart apps & device handlers etc. Slowly tapered off to what I have today. Never really had an issue until now. On 3/27/19 all was still normal in the morning. Then I noticed early that afternoon that there was an issue. My voice commands were no longer working and the classic ST app showed my hub Offline (solid red LED). Tech support had me reboot, replace the batteries and all the simple stuff I had already thought about. Then told me “One other solution would be a factory data reset of the device, it is possible this could clear it up. But by doing so this will erase all data on the hub, all devices, and all automations, so they will have to be setup again.
When I log into the IDE, the status is inactive with firmware version 000.024.00020.
My questions are.

  1. Did anyone receive the V25 firmware update?
  2. If I do this and it actually works (or doesn’t and I buy a new hub), isn’t there some way to migrate all my HUB programming from the cloud (IDE) back to the hub (or to a replacement HUB)?
  3. Is there any backup that I could do periodically (once up and running) to prevent this in the future.

Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

did you try rebooting your router?

Yes, rebooted router, network switch & pc

Yikes. Red led usually isn’t good. Unfortunately There are no backups or migrating. At this point I’d try the total reset since it seems like you’re only option at this point.

I guess I have nothing to loose at this point… Sound about right?
I can’t believe ST doesn’t have any type of backup protocol or utility…
So… If I anyone just decides to upgrade their hub from V2 to V3, you have to start over from scratch?

That is correct. I’m assuming they went through this?

Yes, I saw that before contacting tech support… That article does not even list a solid RED led though…

Guess it doesn’t :man_shrugging:t2:

Sorry, Guess what doesn’t?

See the active discussion thread for the update:

Hub Firmware Release Notes - 25.26

Guess it doesnt mention solid red. I’d reset the hub and go from there.

Are you sure it’s solid red and not solid magenta? They’re pretty similar. Solid magenta would mean it’s stuck trying to complete a firmware update, which would make sense, so that’s why I asked.

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I too would like information. I’m back and forth right now with support. After the March 27th update my hub went offline. 3 solid red lights only and then it shuts off after a bit. It appears bricked. Tried resetting it, rebooting it and nothing. I hope support can help.

Same as Mickey. Solid red which eventually shuts off completely. Power cycle just gives solid red again for the same long duration before shutting down. Support say it’s a known issue with z-wave devices and they are working on a fix. This doesn’t seem to be mentioned in the main thread that JDRoberts pointed to. The hub has been down for days now.
Now my family is re-learning how to operate a light switch!

Multiple Z wave issues are mentioned in that thread, and, in particular, one of the senior smartthings Z wave engineers has been posting there. And one of the support staff has been picking up individual tickets and researching them. So it’s a good place to ask the question if it isn’t already posted. :wink:

The Initial release had bugs, it was withdrawn, a fix was put out, that had bugs, it was withdrawn, and then another fix was put out. So you have to look all the way to the bottom of the thread to find the current information.

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Thanks for the info…
Well, that confirms my suspicion that it was the ST firmware update that bricked my v2 hub. Definately solid RED led’s though.

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Thanks, JD you are right. Now I’ve read the whole thing I can see one other person saying they have solid red lights. Others talk about solid blue or flashing blue. In the main the thread addresses Z-wave custom DTH issues though rather than hubs totally bricked which is why I had stopped reading before. I should have been more patient.

Now though, Support say they have fixed the Z-wave issue and all hubs have the firmware update.

The original question on this thread says V2 Hub “possibly” bricked after firmware update. My V2 hub is definitely bricked. I’ve performed a factory reset. Was excited when the flickering lights turned to solid yellow. Let go the small allen key I was using to hold the reset button in and waited the statutory 15 minutes described in the Support article. After 5 minutes the solid red came back. And it stayed that way. Maybe that’s why solid red is not described in the support documentation where it lists the colours and flashing types. I think solid red means the hub has died. I don’t really understand how a firmware update can kill a hub stone dead, to be honest. I would have thought that there must be some way of getting the firmware on there again. I will contact support again and ask.

Meanwhile, I think my ST journey is over. I’ve enjoyed the last 4 years immensely. I’ve mainly be a lurker here. The few times I have posted, you particularly have been fantastic. I’ve studied your many posts and read your description of your needs from automation with awe and emotion. Thank you.

I’ll try to keep this post short. It’s a pain reading long ones. I’ve been through many of the stability issues without too much pain. I’ve been confused by the Classic versus new app discussions. Been somewhat disaffected by the Samsung strategy but all the time my V2 hub kept going and I could amuse my friends with flashing disco lights from my phone and being smugly satisfied that I could go down into our basement with my hands full and the lights would come on. Fortunately I never installed the Z-wave burglar alarm I bought nor the locks I had planned to be able to control remotely. I need to go back over posts in the last year to see what I am going to do to replace my hub whilst wondering if I’ll ever see anything but red lights out of it.

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Anyone with a hub that has solid blue/blinking blue led after the update has the hub completely bricked. I’ve been in touch with the ST devs and customer support and there is no way to fix it.

Since i don’t live in the UK or US they said they CANNOT send me a new hub. I intend to escalate this issue further as this is unacceptable.

Hi Andrei

I sympathise with you and all our fellow users who have had their hubs destroyed. I wonder how many we are?

It’s hard not to get angry but my system has been down for many days now and I’m kind of resigned to moving on. But what does get me angry again is the total silence now on my support tickets. And the dishonesty of the status updates. The status page makes it sound all like a problem that’s been fixed rather than saying “whoops, we’ve accidentally killed the hubs of many of our clients but we are trying to do something, at least to tell them what’s happened”.

That’s exactly my problem as well, it’s really irritating that instead of manning up and saying: YES, we have seriously screwed UP but we’ll take care of it, they’re serving (me at least) oh, you don’t live in the UK or US, well we can only send the hub there, so you’re out of luck HAHA!

I have rarely seen such lack of disrespect towards users, but lesson learnt, I won’t be buying anything from Samsung again.