Upgrading device firmware

How do you update firmware on a device if a new firmware comes out ? Can you do it from ST hub ? If not what utilities and process ?

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Enable OTA updates. If an update exists that ST supports, it just happens.

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Hmmm…I thought that was going to be the case. I was hoping for some kind of control over it, like:

  1. Being notified that there was a new firmware for a certain device.
  2. Being able to schedule a certain device or multiple devices.
  3. Some type of logging to show it happen and was successful.

No, it doesn’t work that way. If enabled, and they’re available, it will happen. Only a certain number (I think 5) update at a time. To kind of force an update, I believe that you can turn the device off and/or remove the battery. When the device checks in (from powering up), it will be evaluated for an update. This does slow things down a bit while this happens, but everything still functions (barring the device being briefly unavailable). The recent tab will show that the firmware update started and completed.

Does this only work with stock DTH ?

I looked at some of my devices that use a custom DTH and they updated too, so I would say yes. I think it uses the model, manufacturer, and endpoint of the device to identify the actual device. I have heard that some firmware updates may cause the need for a change in DTH, but I have not run into any problems yet (knock on wood).

Where do you enable OTA updates?

In the IDE under hubs.

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Thank you!

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That only covers ZigBee devices. Is there any way to upgrade z-wave devices??

Not at the moment (exceptions being for example, Aeotec remote via USB, etc.).

When I click Edit on my hub in the IDE, the only thing I can do is change the name. Am I looking in the wrong place? I see zigbeeOta: false on the page (before I click Edit), so I think I’m in the right place.

Hub --> View Utilities --> Allow OTA

I’m waiting for the .00012 update also so I can get several Osram sets updated. I’m too lazy to go buy an osram hub lol.

Thanks, I didn’t notice “utilities” down there at the bottom.

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Don’t see the option to Allow OTA. Where exactly is it?

@joelw135 what is the firmware version on your hub?

Your’s seems to be missing. But you found where it should be.

I have 000.015.00008 for my firmware. Do I need to upgrade if I do how?

You are on a v1 hub? If so, i don’t believe ST has released OTA updates for the v1 at this point.

Here is the post on v2 hub firmware 16.9