Hub Firmware Release Notes - OTA - 16.9 - V2

Hub firmware release 16.7 will contain support for ZigBee OTA firmware updates for a few devices. What is OTA you ask? Read more to find out. :slight_smile:

Q: What is an OTA firmware update?

A: A firmware update is the way that manufacturers can fix bugs or add features to their products after they are manufactured. An OTA firmware update is the process of updating a device wirelessly rather than having to connect a computer or special equipment to the device to perform the update.

Q: What firmware updates are available?

A: Updates for the 2015 SmartSense Motion and Multipurpose sensor will be included in the initial release.

Q: What is changed in these firmware updates?

A: These firmware updates include some bug fixes and minor features.

  • Multi

  • Improvements to rejoining process

  • Fix for multi reporting no motion (vibration) when motion is still occurring.

  • Motion

  • Improvements to rejoining process

Q: Why aren’t more firmware updates available?

A: Firmware updates for other devices are still undergoing testing and will be released once we are confident in their functionality.

Q: When will more firmware updates become available?

A: We will release additional firmware updates as part of general Hub firmware updates when they become available to us and have passed our internal testing.

Q: Are OTA updates enabled automatically?

A: No, in this initial release you must first enable OTA updates. Please visit our support KB article to learn how to enable OTA updates.

Q: When will my devices get new firmware?

A: Devices typically ask the hub if there are any firmware updates available when they first join the network and then every 24 hours after that. Therefore you should expect to see the firmware updated on your device roughly 24 hours after your hub is updated and you enable OTA.

Q: How long do firmware updates take?

A: It depends on the device, but for the devices supported by this initial release will take about an hour to receive the update and a few seconds to apply the update.

Q: Will my device continue to function during the update?

A: The device will continue to function while the firmware update file is transferred to the device. When the file transfer is complete it will go offline for a few seconds to apply the update.

Q: How do I know if my devices received a firmware update.

A: There will be an “firmware updated” event in the Recent activity feed in the app. Also you can login to the IDE, navigate to the device and look to see if “Last Updated” is set. Also the “Current Version” is what is currently on the device and the “Target Version” is the version of the update that is available, if there is one.

Q: Do I get to decide which devices can receive the firmware update and when?

A: No, with this first release the update will be automatically applied when the device checks for an update within 24 hours after you enable OTA.

Q: Where can I get more information?

A: Please visit our support KB article to learn more about OTA updates.


Will this also fix the battery reporting issue where first party devices die at 66% battery?


Since the thread subject doesn’t specify v2 only - does this apply for v1 hubs as well? If not, what is the status of the FW update that was promised for v1 months ago?

I will check with the firmware team.

OTA device firmware updates is pretty cool, but sucks they are tied to hub updates.

Really want an update for the battery life on both of these devices. Then the GE Link bulbs. :wink:

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Edit: I had bad information. Never mind!

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Which is it?


When does this come out? Is this just for V2 hubs?

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Topic Title:

Hub Firmware Release Notes - OTA - 16.7 - V2

Email sent to all customers with V2 hubs.


On Tuesday 15, between 11:00 am EST and 2:00 pm EST, we will automatically update your SmartThings Hub to the latest firmware (version 0.16.7). The update is expected to take less than 10 minutes, during which time your SmartThings Hub will temporarily go offline and events scheduled for this time will not be processed.

This update improves Hub connectivity with the SmartThings platform and fixes discovery & polling issues with ZigBee, Z-Wave, and LAN devices. More information about updates to your Samsung SmartThings and SmartSense devices can be found here.

Thank you,
SmartThings Support


Tim was correct - I had bad info.

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I’m hoping for Osram updates (for the next round, I guess).


Your KB article has the incorrect instructions. There is no OTA in the list utilities of the hub. Please get the correct instructions posted.


Are there any fixes for EcoLink door/window sensor (DWZWAVE2-ECO) inclusion problems and problems with false alarms? I have 35 of them and they’ve been extremely problematic, especially now that I’ve signed up for monitoring through SmartThings to Scout. Please update ASAP.

The update hasn’t happened yet. It’s scheduled for tomorrow, then the option will appear.


Is the update still going ahead?

11-2 EST is what the email stated IIRC so I assume it’s still rolling out. I haven’t gotten it yet though.

I didn’t see anything in my logs, so I think that my hub hasn’t updated yet. I also don’t see the option stated in the KB article yet. Either to turn off OTA updates and to check if there is an update waiting.

I’m guessing “This option will be available to Hubs on firmware 16.7.” in that KB article means that it will appear once your firmware is up to date? I don’t have the option either, but my hub isn’t updated to that firmware yet.

yeah I misread