Hub Update Nov. 15 with Zigbee OTA updates?

The email we got today with the 0.16.7 update for Nov. 15 links to the ZigBee OTA firmware update page. Is this true? Which devices will be supported?

And any news on ZWave OTA?

I wonder if us patient v1 hub users will get this update ???

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No email here, confirmed via friends with v2 hubs they got the email. I guess that ‘we are going to continue support of v1 hubs’ means…well they will work…sorta.

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I was on the beta for the OTA updates. No issues to report. All 15 of my eligible devices updated over 24-36 hours.

The only devices that OTA update right now are the ST / Smartsense branded motion and multi sensors.


This is the version that enables the zigbee OTA. Like @whoismoses I was on beta, only 2015 models of Smartsense multi and motion are eligible to get updates. Hope more will be enabled soon. Had no issues.

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Darn, was hoping Osram bulbs would be eligible.


I hope this is just the beginning of OTA updates. Makes sense to start with their devices.

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Id like to see expanded to all SmartSense devices first. Don’t know how many people got 2015 models. I only have 2 out of, 100…

I too received the email, but for the life of me I could not find the location to “accept” or turn on the ability to accept the updates.

Might have to wait till you get the update.

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Edited with thanks from @JDRoberts:
Z-Wave OTA updates will likely only work with Z-Wave plus (standard didn’t exist before). There is a larger Z-Wave plus market (seemed some companies took until now to update while others have been around for about a year) than I realized so who knows when this will be available.

:black_small_square:Standardized method for Over the Air firmware updates (OTA)

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100? Did you ask in the OTA channel on slack about pre-2015?

I did, but I think the documentation was pretty clear that only 2015 models are eligible for OTA. I don’t think @Aaron or othes had seen my question about the eligible models from couple of days ago. I asked again, though…

This could be the stability @mike_maxwell needs :slight_smile:

I think the Aeotec gen five models are very popular in the SmartThings community and they are on the official compatibility list. So I wouldn’t expect a delay because of minimal deployment. Maybe for other reasons like not confusing people who have devices of different generations.

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Sorry, let me clarify. I wasn’t saying that OTA updates for Z-Wave is not possible, just that there was no standard before Z-Wave plus. Therefore each vendor could do their OTA’s differently. You’d need to possibly code for each vendor and/or generation. So there would need to be a release for Aeotec firmware specifically. A lot more work than ZigBee, therefore likely a longer timeframe.

If it was my choice, I’d likely tackle the standard and only address specific vendors based on issues (needing firmware fixes) and how much work is involved. That is only my guess though.

Gen 5 is zwave plus.

The series 500 chip is the fifth generation of Z wave, marketed under the catchier name of “Z wave plus.”

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Thanks for the information. Maybe we’ll see it sooner than I think.

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Hopefully, we’ll see it soon! ZWave Plus products have been out for more than two years - most new light switches, dimmers, flood sensors, etc. are ZWave Plus. The OTA becomes pretty critical to keeping them all up to date and bug-free and its pretty lame that SmartThings neither supports it nor even provides a roadmay as to when they will.


Just got an email, another v2 hub firmware update on the 15th. Hope this one goes better that previous updates…