Zigbee OTA: How to push an update?


I’m a little confused. The Hub has Zigbee OTA Firmware update functionality to allow the update of firmware over OTA but i can’t seem to use it. I enabled it, and did everything according to the instructions but i don’t understand how to push an update.
How should we do to choose which file should be used to be pushed for the update?

Go to My Devices in IDE then click the Device you want to update. In the Device Firmware area there is a Check Now link. Just click that.


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Thank you for the reply BUT that i know. Where is the check now checking for the new firmware?
I know for a fact that it doesn’t have the latest firmware and i have the link with the latest firmware (OTA file) that needs to be pushed.

So my question was mostly on how to push that file, as the source seems to be missing on the check now?

Yep seen that and did it accordingly but the problem is that it’s not finding the latest firmware update. It’s like the “Source” mapping is missing.

I have the link to the latest OTA file which is not being pushed

You don’t get a choice, and it doesn’t work for all zigbee devices even if the manufacturer has made a firmware update available for OTA.

Smartthings selectively approves individual firmware updates that they receive from the manufacturer, and they decide when those will be scheduled to be available. You don’t get to upload a file.

Once they are available, if you have enabled OTA zigbee updates, once a day the hub will “advertise” to the network that those specific updates are available, and then any of your devices that match the ones that are available will try to do the update. You don’t get to select individual devices, you don’t get to select individual updates. It’s all or nothing, and the “all” is whatever smartthings happens to have available.

You may have to do something physical with your individual devices, which could be a way to bypass an update, it just depends on each device/model. That’s explained in the knowledgebase article.

So all of the above is what the knowledgebase article means when it says:

…select zigbee devices…
When they are available, your Hub automatically sends the updates to your devices when they next check in.

What brand and model device are you trying to update?

I was trying with my Ikea Tradfri Bulbs but it appears Smartthings isn’t following their firmwares at all :frowning:

I believe that’s correct. You would have to purchase an IKEA Gateway, move your bulbs to the gateway temporarily, update the firmware there, and then move them back to SmartThings.

You can check with support to be sure that they are not yet updating IKEA, but I’m pretty sure that it is currently limited to officially supported devices, and not yet all of those.

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Ok thank you :slight_smile:
My hope was that i could play with it myself at my own risk pushing firmwares as i have the technical skills necessary but it’s sort of sad to see how we’re closed out. :confused:
But thank you all for now :slight_smile: Will check further with support if i can try somehow.

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Hi @zepard
Did you ever get an answer from support about this topic…? :slight_smile: