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Update the firmware on a zwave device?

(Mark) #1

Not seeing a way to update firmware even when looking at this. Specifically for my 14291 Jasco/GE dimmer. Am I missing where and/or how this is done or even needs to be?

(might be my fake name?) #2

Not sure if OTA updates are available for you device, but did you do this?

The following is zigbee devices only; not z wave.

Log in to SmartThings Developer Tools
2Click Locations. Then in the table select the (hub name). Then click on the “Hubs . (hub name)”

Make sure to check Zigbee: “OTA enabled for all non-light devices” If this is not the case click “View Utilities” and edit ZigBee Utilities appropriately.


That’s a zwave device, and ST doesn’t support OTA updates for zwave yet, just Zigbee.

(Blaine M) #4

The firmware for that device is not bundled in the HomeSeer package. If you are able to get GE / JASCO to send you the firmware, and that device supports OTA updates, you could potentially use this package to install it into the switches.


  1. it probably doesn’t need to be. Right now that’s pretty rare for Z wave devices, as the OTA option was only added last year and most manufacturers aren’t using it yet. If there’s a critical update and no way to do it, if you’re still under warranty most manufacturers will just swap your device for one that’s current. But like I said, firmware updates have been rare for zwave devices anyway.

  2. The smartthings hub does not as yet support the new OTA feature for zwave. They’ve said they’re looking into it, but who knows what that means.

  3. you can get the third-party Homeseer kit and do zwave OTA updates that way, but again most device manufacturers aren’t providing the files that are required for the updates. It’s a new feature, and it just isn’t being used much yet. Homeseer does use it for their own devices, and a few other companies, notably Leviton, have given homeseer update files to use with their kit. But GE/Jasco has not provided anyone with update Files yet.

Much discussion of all three of these points in The following thread:


I didn’t ask earlier, but why do you need to update the firmware?

(Mark) #7

Wasn’t sure if needed or not. Just learning…

(Eric) #8

Why not upgrade? If manufacturers release updates then they are typically for better, no?