How to know if a WWST device is eligible for OTA firmware updates?

I suggested to a device manufacturer that they provide their firmware updates to Samsung for Smartthings OTA updates. They asked whether certification with Works With Smart Things (WWST) was enough to make their firmware eligible for OTA updates via Smartthings hubs.

So I guess my questions are:

  1. Is WWST certification enough to make firmware updates available?
  2. Is there a way to check, either as an enduser or as a developer/manufacturer, whether a device is eligible for OTA updates?

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Is it a Zigbee device? As far as I know, at the current time SmartThings doesn’t do Z wave OT updates, even for Aeotec zwave devices. :man_shrugging:t2:

Are we to understand that this will be coming for Zigbee devices in the next hub firmware (52.X) update? Would be an important improvement.


In this case, it is Zigbee.

As I understand it, Zigbee devices can already be updated OTA. For example, my IKEA devices update via my V2 hub (with mixed success).

I am surprised! I have several IKEA devices that I too believed at one time were updating on my V3 hub. This was discussed on another thread some time ago and @orangebucket demonstrated that this wasn’t so. Since then I have have been following this and can, at least in this case, affirm that they don’t update.
BTW the button, and the message with it’s green tick, of firmware update on the Advanced web UI, doesn’t mean anything - I’ve tried it many times comparing the firmware reference.

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To be fair, I’m not actually sure if my IKEA devices updated, I only know that I have several of the same model, bought at a similar time, and some have different firmware. I only ever checked after the first time I enabled OTA updates, so I assumed some updated and others didn’t. It’s possible I just have some models that shipped with different firmware. In any case, the new announcement about hubs being OTA-on by default (at least when first set up) is encouraging, but I’m not holding my breath that it actually changes OTA firmware behavior on SmartThings hubs.

As I understand, it doesn’t force an update that wouldn’t already happen, which is what I (and I think most) intuit it should do. Having said that, I think the message displayed does do what it’s meant to, which is acknowledge that the command has been sent to the device. Then it’s just as stuck and any automatic update, which isn’t clear to the user so it’s confusing.


Exactly, it confused me also. Just looked up the previous thread on this which you might find interesting.

[ST Edge] Is it possible to upgrade device's firmware using OTA??

Late to this thread but I’m fairly confident none of my IKEA zigbee devices updated wi5 my aeotec hub. I had several shortcut buttons that were eating batteries and they never updated. Eventually in frustration I got my old IKEA trader hub out and paired the buttons to it. It took around 24 hours but they did update. I have quite a few zigbee IKEA devices, bulbs, buttons, motion sensors, led drivers. I haven’t bothered attempting to move those temporarily to the old hub for updates because it’s too much hassle and they work ok as it stands.