Update Required: New Sonos Integration

Didn’t see this posted already.

From SmartThings:

"We are pleased to announce that Sonos is now officially supported by SmartThings! Together, Sonos and SmartThings are launching a new and improved integration that includes audio notification improvements and local execution for a faster and more stable connection.

We have identified that you are currently using the legacy Sonos integration, which will soon be deprecated.

Action Needed

In order to prevent any impact to your current setup, manually update your Sonos speakers to the new integration with these steps:

  1. Remove the speakers and reconnect them using the new SmartThings app
  2. Update any existing SmartApps or Automations that control your Sonos speakers


  1. Sign in to graph.api.smartthings.com, select Locations > Devices > Sonos speaker > Edit > Type dropdown list > LAN Sonos Player Websocket > Update

If you do not take action by October 17th, your Sonos integration will be automatically updated. Any SmartApps or Automations that have not been updated may no longer continue operating correctly.

Contact us on support.smartthings.com if you have any questions or need assistance updating your speakers.

The SmartThings Team"


But I guess the thread below ought to be highlighted as well. If I read it correctly it looks there are some problems with this update.

yeah, it would appear there are some…gaps in communication… for the change. Sounds like it works fine with the new app, but not so well with older smart apps.

So, changing the device type to the new one removes the “Speak Text” action in WebCore. And I don’t see anything similar in the new command set. Does anyone know of a workaround?

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Can you post a list of the new commands and capabilities?

It looks like it gains additional grouping abilities, but loses some things like Speak to Text.


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Wow, this is a great enhancement. The TTS is super fast and playTrackAndResume doesn’t actually break the currently playing track. Looks like switch capability was also removed. But most importantly:


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How did you get TTS to work? In which SmartThings app? WebCore?

The new app, custom automation.

Custom automation in the new app is very limited.
I was using Webcore to Speak notification on Tuesdays at 8pm.

The new app let’s you pick a time, but no day, or schedule.

Android or iOS?

here is what I see on iOS…


Looks like the new app is unable to handle the new Sonos DTH for other than notification. If you want to play a track when something happens, you cannot select the new Sonos devices. Has anyone tried the first method? I just switched the DTH in IDE (second method).

Ok yes it is there Thanks!

Hmm. Does anyone know how to control the volume on “Audio notification” in the new app > custom automation? It’s way too loud but I can’t seem to limit it.

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Also recently updated the device handler after receiving this notification. It’s unfortunately broken many of my routines that include Sonos. I’m still using the classic smart things app. A few missing features in the upgrade:

  • Speech to text is no longer an option as others have noted
  • Routines can no longer turn off/stop speakers
  • Smart Home Monitor can no longer sound the alarm on Sonos speakers as it no longer lists then as Audio Devices. This is pretty key since it’s part of my home alarm system.

I’m worried these are issues that are limited to classic app users. I’ve been hesitant to migrate to the new Smart things app given all the issues I read about early on and all the various integrations and customizations I’ve made over the years. But this might require me to bite the bullet. Would appreciate thoughts/advice from those using this new integration with the new Smart things App.

So I also migrated my Sonos device type to the new “Websocket” version and no longer have TTS features in my routines including BigTalker2 and WebCore. I understand from the posts above that automations using the new app give you this feature. I have the new app so my question is can I build an automation in the new app and still keep using the old one for other stuff that doesn’t yet work in the new one. I hope yes. Has anyone blended the two together like this? If not, can anyone think of another way to get text to speech on Sonos after migrating to the new integration? One option is to use the Hubitat integration which is also local and still supports TTS. The problem with this approach is I still have most of my motion and door sensors on ST.

you can use any blend of new app automations and classic/groovy automations.

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Thanks … although as others have noted the new app didn’t seem to have TTS as an option.

in custom automations, choose notify members as the action (THEN) and then choose audio notification. See if that works.

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