New Sonos integration breaks use in routines

Hi, I have just updated my Sonos devices with the new ST integration and found that in doing so it as broken my goodbye routine and integration int Alexa.

Before the update Sonos devices were seen as switches so easy to turn on and off by a routine.

They are no longer seen as switches and cannot be used by the routines. Is this something ST intend to fix.

I am a little reluctant to log a support call as recently the responses have all been the same … “this is a fault with the classic app that is no longer support and nothing will be done to correct it”

I could create a webcore piston I guess but I’m unsure now how Sonos devices are seen by ST so not sure how to do that.

Does anyone have the same issue or a work around?

Thanks Andy

See here for info on what the new Official integration breaks…


Thank you for the reply and thanks JD Roberts for the info. Just to add a bit more, I changed my Sonos device in the Groovy by changing the device type to websocket as suggested in the email I received from Sonos. I have found an IFTTT applets that provide some control so this may be the way to go instead.

Just a little more to add, I noticed this update also broken my link to Alexa groups ( fixed that with a work round) and also Action Tiles as they can no longer be seen by AT so had ot delete the tile and log a call with AT to see if there is a work around that one.

All for progress and better integration but not one like this that seems to have been throw out the door without a thought to the existing usee base.