Custom automations with Smartthings and Sonos

I don’t know if I’m missing something, when I try to do a custom automation with Smartthings devices as triggers to start playing my sonos speakers, the only actions its giving me to be able to do with the speaker is set volume or mute. I am able to use the speaker companion smart app but with the new integration between the two, I figured you would be able to do more custom automations with them. also I just started using sonos yesterday and maybe I’m just missing something. Help would be greatly appreciated.

Sonos released a totally new integration which was not backward compatible with previous integration.

Most things involving Sonos integration with SmartThings are … in flux.

There are several threads here that discuss the changes. Use the search feature to find and read them

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Choose the “Notify members” action and then “Audio notification”


New Sonos integration breaks use in routines