Sonos Speaker Automation


I just integrated a Sonos speaker with my SmartThings Hub. The first thing I tried to do was to add pausing the speaker to the goodnight routine. However, the routine seems to only allow me to turn on/off lights and switches. There doesn’t seem to be any ability to control an attached Sonos speaker.

Any reasonable workaround for this? I apologize this is such a noobee question. My SmartThings hub is just one part of a larger smart home system and I typically don’t this kind of automation within the SmartThings ecosystem. I’m experimenting with different approaches to doing things and figured I must be missing something when I couldn’t find a way to make a routine do this.

Thanks in advance for the help

How much of a newbie are you… Are you familiar with the SmartThings IDE? ST implemtneted some changes to the Sonos connections a few weeks ago. It was working perfectly for most people UNTIL the changes. So far, I was successful in undoing the changes and now have things back online and working as they did before, except for my ActionTiles abilities, which I’m guessing won’t be an issue for you right now.

Here’s what I did to undo the changes… see if this makes a difference for you:
Go into the IDE -> ‘My Devices’ section. Locate each of your Sonos speakers (you’ll have to do this one at a time). Click on the name of the Sonos speaker, then scroll to the bottom and click ‘Edit’. For ‘Type’ field, change it to ‘LAN Sonos Webplayer Socket’, and ‘Save’. Do that for each of your Sonos speakers. This worked for me, until they figure out what went wrong with their new implementation. Comment back if this works.

Thanks @merrick777! I’m familiar with the IDE. I’ll give that a try

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I had a chance to try out your suggestion @merrick777. Unfortunately, when I look at the device type for my sonos speaker it is already set to “LAN Sonos Player Websocket” . If I edit the device the only other viable options would be “Lan Sonos Player” or “Sonos Player”. I left it as is since the Lan Sonos Player Websocket seemed to be the one that was working for you.

However, I just wanted to go back to make sure you understood my original question. I’m not having problems controlling the Sonos speaker from the SmartThings App. The problem is that I can’t find a way from within the good night routine to control the sonos speaker. There just doesn’t seem to be an option to allow me to do that.

Thanks again for your help

SharpTools rule creator can play/pause the new Sonos web socket device type.

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@jbasen, I use WebCoRE for all of my automations- I’ve never used the native SmartThings routines, however you’re correct that I (maybe unfairly) made a few assumptions when answering you…
Assumption 1: That ALL problems involving Sonos are due to their new integration snafu.
Assumption 2: That you already performed the ‘Action Required’ steps that SmartThings suggested.

So… Maybe you’re having the opposite problem. Here’s a snippet of the required action from SmartThings.


I chose to perform the second option. If I were you, I’d try going back to the IDE and changing the ‘Type’ back to ‘Sonos Player’ for each speaker. That’s how it should have been before the new ST implementation. Now re-try building the automation.

I don’t think there’s any harm in trying this… if it doesn’t work, just switch each back to ‘LAN Sonos Webplayer Socket’.

Thanks so much @merrick777 and @prjct92eh2. I gave the SharpTools a try and it works perfectly. Exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks again for your help