SONOS not working as before


I am experiencing difficulties to program my SONOS in scenes wich I have not had before. I can not turn it on/off in a scene. I have managed to do it before but not now.

Configuration A:
Configured for about 3 months ago. When I paired the sonos it came in as a LAN sonos played in the web interface as a device handler. When creating scenes I had the option to turn it on/off.

Configuration B:
I tired to configure it yesterday. This was with a new hub in an appartment I had not configured before. When I paired the SONOS it came in with the device handler LAN sonos player websocket. With this device handler I was only able to chose the volume and Silence mode on/off.
I changed the device handler to LAN sonos player but after that I had no contact with the SONOS player from the smarthings app. It appeared in the app but were unable to comunicate with the sonos. Atlease there were the options to turn sonos on/off.

So annyone have anny idea on what I can do in system B in order to be able to change the Sonos so it goes on off? Or hade the simmilar problem?

Bellow I have taken a screenshot of the difference .

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Were you able to figure it out? I’m having this same issue right now.

With the device handler “LAN sonos player websocket” I can’t add my sonos to Actiontiles. But with similar device handlers I could, but then the sonos would stop working and not respond.

I’m experiencing an issue that I believe is related. I moved my Sonos and ST hub to a new router and now the Sonos Playbars are not showing up as a Music Player in remindr. I have a feeling that the Lan Sonos Player DTH does not have the Music Player capability turned on. Anyone know how we can find this out?

I have exactly the same thought. It hasn’t got the musicPlayer capability probably.
I wanted to set up a button to use a new IKEA Symfonisk (Sonos) speaker, but the ABC - Advanced Button Controller cannot recognize the new speaker as a music player.

I’ve reported it to support, hopefully it will get fixed.

@TreyStyles The new DTH has already the new capabilities. Have a look here.

Probably what you are missing has been moved to the audioTrackData capability.

@Bighomes talk with the guys at ActionTiles, @tgauchat, and mention them that you cannot add it. Probably they will add the device with the new capabilities.

@Elin_Englund your problem is probably the same. The SmartApp what you are trying to use is not offering the option for that capability. Actually I don’t think, that the DTH has any capability for ON/OFF at all. I think it hasn’t got the Switch capability.

The guys at ActionTiles are aware that something screwy happened with the Sonos DTH and we are researching this issue.


Is there any way to get the old DTH back?

Has anyone published a custom one sometime in the past?

having similar issue with one of my Sonos devices that i added recently

Hi @tgauchat,

I have just joinedthe group Sonos owner, when purchased an IKEA Symfonisk. I am using the LAN Sonos Player Websocket as that is what the App came up with when searched for a new device.

I was trying to combine a button and the Sonos, when noticed, that the ABC - Advanced Button Controller is not recognizing the Sonos for volume control. The SmartApp was coded for musicPlayer. Now the new capability for volume control is audioVolume. All the previous parts of the musicPlayer capability is now like audioMute, audioNotification, audioTrackData, audioVolume, mediaPlaybackRepeat, etc…

The new capabilities are the ids’ of each section. At least that was working for me to fix the ABC.


It describes here in a better way.

This must be for the new SmartThings app, to have detailed capabilities, but these changes are, as seems to be, not backward compatible.

I am not even an ActionTiles user, just thought you might want to be aware of this issue.

Hi everyone - I can help shed some light on the recent updates to Sonos.

Today we announced a new, WWST (Works With SmartThings) and WWS (Works With Sonos) certified integration for Sonos devices. Unlike the previous Sonos Labs integration that relied on Sonos’ undocumented and unsupported UPnP API, this is a completely new, locally executing integration using WebSockets (thus the new DTH name, LAN Sonos Player WebSocket).

I can confirm that the new integration does NOT use the Music Player capability. Music Player is a deprecated capability and will no longer be used for any new WWST integrations. As some here have already pointed out, LAN Sonos Player Websocket uses the following capabilities to replace Music Player:

Media Playback
Media Track Control
Media Presets
Media Group
Audio Volume
Audio Mute
Audio Track Data
Audio Notifications

I understand the headaches that this has and will cause users/developers that rely on Music Player for their SmartApps and Automations, and we here at SmartThings acknowledge the lack of migration support for deprecated capabilities. We are working on solutions to help support these transitions in the future.

As of today, any hub running hubCore version 0.27.x or greater (which at this time is only v2/v3 hubs) will add Sonos speakers using the new WebSocket integration.

Rolling back to the cloud-executing Labs integration (LAN Sonos Player) may be possible if you manually migrated to the new integration, but if the Sonos player was discovered recently and added with the new integration, it can not be migrated back.

As always, feel free to ask me more questions and I will try to do my best to answer them.



So would the sudden lack of Speak to Text ability in Webcore be a problem on Webcore’s end, or a deficiency in the new handler? How do audio notifications work exactly now?

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I would think webcore would need to use the new APIs

We use Bigtalker and Actiontiles with our Sonos devices. AT is working on updates to their app to support the new media controls.
Not sure how to work around the bigtalker issues for announcements

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Will Audio Notification require WebCore to have access to the new APIs in the new app, which isn’t yet possible? Or is this available under the Classic App’s APIs?

Thanks @BarryA! The new WebSocket integration works well. I managed to add my Sonos without any issue. The list of capabilities are really appreciated too. It would be great if you could share these details with the community, when you are releasing new DTHs. The backward compatibility is bummer for many users, but completely understandable. If we know how it is changed and documented, then it would be easy for most developers to change their SmartApp codes. I had to figure it out from the new capability documentation and from the data in the IDE. But I was guessing a lot. Please keep us posted if you make similar changes. :+1:

Thanks. I just updated my Sonos connection to SmartThings because of an email saying I needed to do so. I only used the Sonos speaker for alarms, notifications, etc. Because of the lack of integration, my Sonos speaker is now a brick. An expensive brick because I don’t use it for anything but alarms, notifications, etc, and that no longer works.

When you sent the email, you should have let people like me know if we update now, we are hosed. At least if I did not update it, I would have had another month to use it.

Appreciate it.


I also received an email saying I needed to change the device handler for the Sonos integration to continue to work and when I did all of my notification pistons in Webcore that use playTrack stopped working with my Play:1 speakers. I am hoping this is just a bug and will be fixed as I purchased my Sonos speakers largely because of the ability to integrate with SmartThings and play custom sound clips via Webcore, and if this functionality is lost all of my Sonos gear will quickly find it’s way onto eBay.


:cry: … Sonos punished for SmartThings’s lack of foresight.


That’s a waste of some wonderful sounding speakers. If I hadn’t already filled my house with Sonos components, I’d make an offer.


No kidding.

I get the the frustration with this change but wow, Sonos is so much more than a notification system.

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This blows my mind. That is one expensive notification system. You don’t listen to music on it?

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