UK V2 Hub not communicating with Hue devices (June 2023)

Hi All,

Last wednesday our hub stopped communication with our devices. It can see them and if I disconnect the hub they all go offline in the app. But i cant switch any lights on and the scenes/routines done work.
I can however still control the lights via the hue app.

Any ideas on where to start


Are you referring specifically to Hue? If you are you’ll see another thread where people, me included, comment on the installation of a new Philips Hue driver. I’m saying that because I’ve had erratic response from my Hue lights for a couple of days, last night completely without control, and this morning perfect again. I didn’t touch anything.

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I just checked my non hue connected lights and they work.

Then my app just disconnected. Reconnected and the hue stuff is back online again.

What a strange coincidence

I’ll check out that HUE thread though in case its still not properly working…

Edit: Nope HUE stuff off again.

+1 for this. Exact same behaviour for me. UK v2 hub. Hue stopped working via ST on Wednesday for the majority of my lights. Only a couple still work. ST hub restart hasn’t affected anything.

I can see new features on all my lights such as preset named colour temperatures.

Me too.
Four different ST locations and 4x Hue. On only one location Hue works OK via ST

Can add another to the list. Beyond infuriating.

what happens if you open the hue app, turn/off a device… does it change to online in the ST app (may take a minute or so)?

also… report the issue to ST support.


Turning on viathe HUE app smarthings doesnt update.
Its as if smartthings has lost connevtion with HUE

If its any consolation my Hue were like that 24 hours ago. If you tap on the 3 dots on the Hue hub tile does it show ‘Driver’ in menu? Should be Philips Hue 23/5/2023.
Maybe try ‘forcing’ it by changing driver and then back to this one, but my recommendation is don’t desinstall or delete anything else. Tonight mine are running perfectly.

I’m also suffering exactly the same issue (UK v2 hub)
Started on 1 June when most of my bulbs/lights in the house that are attached via Philips Hue Hub stopped responding to on/off commands and Routines in Smartthings.
Initially there were a couple of bulbs that were still responding but as of yesterday they now have also stopped.
Hue hub say connected in Smartthings app and bulbs/lights appear to be on line but if you try to use then there is no response. They do work directly form Hue but their on/off status is not updated/reflected correctlt in Smartthings

For anyone else struggling with this problem, I’ve found a workaround that ultimately might be an overall improvement.

An Edge driver has been developed to allow better integration of Hue into Smartthings. For the purposes of this problem, this allows you to essentially add your Hue hub to Smartthings as a seperate device to the existing Hue Hub that you have already supposedly have connected. This has allowed me to get my lights back up and working, without having to remove any of my existing devices from my ST hub (for now, once I’m happy with this new setup, I will likely remove all of my ‘existing’ Hue devices from my ST hub).

I’m probably doing a poor job articulating this. This video below does a much better job.

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+1 with the same problem with Smartthings Hub V2.

A few days ago the connection between Smartthings and Philips Hue went missing.
It is no longer present in the Smartthings app.
Meaning that I cannot control any Hue lights from Smartthings as I have managed to do for several years.

Trying to reconnect Philips Hue hub with Smartthings results in error message 34-302.

I have tried several times to reconnect, with the hubs really close to each other.

The green light on Smartthings hub V2 is flashing as it should when in pairing mode. All the blue lights are solid on the Philips Hue hub after disconnecting and reconnecting ethernet cable. After I press the button on the Hue hub it takes a couple of minutes and then there is an error message on my smartphone saying: There was a problem connecting to the device, Try again. Error message 34-302

The Hue hub is still present as a tile in Smartthings but is not showing under Linked devices.

Please advise what to do to get Philips hue to reconnect to Smartthings.

Best Regards,


install this community developed Edge driver and connect your hue bridge using it. Then → Add Device > Scan for nearby devices

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Same problem here for a few days.

One quick question in regards of Brians video.

Does he say to hit the uninstall button as shown in the video or does he say to hit the install button at the 2:27 min mark (see link).
To me it sounds like he is saying to hit the install button but the arrow in the video is pointing to the uninstall button.

hit the install button to put the driver on your hub (it changes over to unistall on the screen after pressing install) . at any point in the future should you want to remove it… you would use the uninstall. let’s say you want to switch to ST’s edge driver at some point, you would change the driver for the device and if happy and don’t want the unused driver… you can choose to uninstall it.

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Hi, everyone.
Is there someone that is still under the driver of ST that can provide the following info, please?

    1. Confirm the email account registered in the forum is the same one you use for SmartThings. If not, please share it with me over DM
  1. Enable support access to your account:
  1. Go to the SmartThings Web (
  2. Log in to your Samsung Account
  3. Select Menu (⋮) and choose Settings
  4. Toggle on Account Data Access
  5. Select the time period and confirm - In this step, please select “Until turned off”, once the team finishes, we’ll let you know so you can disable it again.
  1. Provide the Hub logs through the IDE:
  1. In the IDE, enter “my hubs”
  2. Enter the corresponding Hub and go to “view utilities”
  3. Click on “send” below "send hub logs”

Note: It is important to consider that LAN drivers don’t support driver switching since during the device’s discovery and onboarding, some data is stored in it and that data cannot be transferred to another driver due to security reasons.

I’ve followed the steps you provided and can confirm forum & ST emails are same



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I have also followed your instructions, have the same email for both and have ST drivers for both of my hue hub devices

I have enabled support access and provided the hub logs per instruction.
I have the same email address.

I have not added the “[ST Edge] Philips Hue LAN [BETA]” driver