Hue Bulbs No Longer Working After Migration

I’m finding that my Hue bulbs (three linked to a Hue hub and bridged to ST via Hue (Connect)) are not working this morning for any rules/modes or even manually from their tile in Things.

I know that the Hue integration is technically still in Labs, and that somethings may not be working perfectly after the updates, but I’m just looking for feedback. Can anyone else confirm this behavior?

Edit: Just as I was posting this, one of my IFTTT recipes flipped the lights on to their selected color, so I know the Hue hub and lights are working. Not to mention I can control them from the Hue app.

My hue bulbs were working this morning. Prior to the migration I’d had issues with them not turning off when ST told them to so I’m hoping that will work better now.

Run the connect app again. Go to Labs ont eh dashboard and hit the gear above the hue connect app and then click on the hub section. let it sit there a little while. I’m guessing your hue hub may of grabbed a new IP address and now the hub cannot find it.

I gave fixed IP to hue to resolve this issue through hue app

Well, I took the advice from another thread about a hard reboot. Coupled that with this:

and seem to be in business.

Thinking about taking this advice too:

Thanks All!

Did you give the IP through the hue app and reserve it on your DHCP server (router) if you didn’t reserve that IP from the DHCP pool you could be running into issue there.

I would still re-run the hue app and if that doesn’t work make sure your router is serving the desired IP.

Good to hear! Enjoy!