Time to update to a Samsung account?

I just got this email. What’s the worst that could happen?



I just got this too. I’m pretty worried about what’s going to happen to my account - I have both a SmartThings account (which is what I’ve been using) and a Samsung account (which my 2016 Samsung TV is tied to in the formerly known as Samsung Connect app).

I’m definitely going to lose access to something - the question is, what?


Dunno, just go the email too

I already have a Samsung account, just not clicking anything yet

Just got the email too.
I’ll let you guys suffer all the pain first then I will follow on. :wink:


You won’t lose access to anything. In your case, you previously would be able to login to the SmartThings Classic app with user@example.com as a SmartThings account or a Samsung account. If you migrate the ST account for user@example.com to the Samsung account for user@example.com, you will just now have a single login. If you prefer to keep these two accounts separate, you could choose to migrate to a different Samsung account, like user+ST@example.com.

As well I got the same email…

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I received the email. I’ll give it go and report back. Worst case support has to fix something. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just a reminder, the email said “when alerted in the ST classic app”…

When alerted in the SmartThings Classic app, please follow the prompts to update your login to a Samsung account. Note that this is being released in small groups to ensure the best possible experience, so not all users will see the update at the same time.


I got it as well…I am gonna stay on classic till we get confirmation all functionality will remain

I incorrectly assumed that logging out of the app and logging back in would trigger the conversion. It didn’t. I was hoping it would. I would rather not have the conversion show up going into the weekend when it will be a little more difficult to get help from support if it goes south for any reason.

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This communication is about changing the account you log in with on Classic, not moving to the new SmartThings app.


Account migration and moving to SmartThings from SmartThings Classic are different. That is, you can (and should) migrate your account when prompted but you may continue to use the Classic version of the app.


So, we are going to have to update all of our 3rd party connections now as well? Google Home, IFTTT, Webcore, etc?

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Outside of beta testers, no users have been prompted to migrate yet. Logging out and back in also will not trigger the banner.

In terms of waiting, there is a grace period so you do not have to migrate immediately after seeing the banner and can choose to wait until a weekday if you prefer.


When I migrated to the Samsung account, I did not have to update any of my connections. But I remember seeing a few folks in the beta migration needing to update Some of theirs. You definitely don’t need to do anything with WebCORE.

The only major issue for me in the beta migration was the loss of github integration in IDE. I had to manually relink each one.


All this is going to be is the same thing as that all of us in the Account Migration Beta previously went through.

We were SmartThings accounts, we created a Samsung account and everything transferred into the Samsung account. We all still use the old SmartThings app, now called SmartThings Classic app. Nothing changes other than your account and if you create your Samsung account with the same email and password, it’s even that much more transparent. You won’t lose your SmartApps, Devices, Routines, etc…

We all experienced a few nuance bugs being part of the beta, but nothing was significant. I know that they addressed some of these things in the 2nd and 3rd round of Beta Testing:


Apologies in advance for being confused about this, but could my position be clarified before choosing to migrate (I get the feeling my position may be shared amongst others…) :

I have both a smartthings and samsung account that both use the same email address. When logging in, I get the option to choose either account.

My smartthings account is logged in to the ST classic app, I use custom DTHs and custom apps.

I have a Samsung account which is used on the new Smartthings app. Although many on the forum may now be lining me up for a public flogging, this is for good reason. I have always used the Samsung Connect app to control my washer and TV. I have left the new Smartthings app well alone since migration from Connect to OneApp, and still get my washer notifications.

What exactly will happen if I migrate my Smartthings account to Samsung? Will it all merge and maintain the peaceful status quo of both apps working as is, or will I have a weekend of starting afresh to look forward to?

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So @Brad_ST,

If I have a ST account from the beginning of SmartThings and had purchased a Samsung TV which asked me to log in to the Smart Hub and I used my existing SmartThings Classic e-mail and password, than I don’t really need to create a new account and all I need to do is click on the Banner in the ST Classic app? No other task required for myself and other a like?

What happens if, before the account migration, we’re using both a Samsung account with the new App (I use this to connect to my Samsung TV - and that’s it) and we use a SmartThings account with the Classic app? I don’t figure I’ll be able to use the same migrated account in both apps the same way as I have been in the past without any issues.

You will specify the Samsung account that you are migrating to and your ST stuff should all migrate into the existing Samsung account. This was the case for some people who participated in the Account Migration Beta.

You shouldn’t lose your Samsung washer/dryer already in there already and all your other devices and Automations and such should then be tied to that account post migration.

Don’t hold me to that. Just speaking on behalf of other users results from the AMBeta.

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