Smartthings classic app & samsung account

I’m not sure if this is the correct spot to ask but the classic app had a notice inside the app to upgrade or log in with a Samsung account. I had one already and after following the steps requested and the app used my samsung account to log in, I lost all my sensors, doorbell, etc. Any help os appreciated.

Wait about 20 minutes for the migration to complete. After that, check to see if you might have two Home Locations.

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Ok. Thanks.

There are a few threads you can look at:

Nothing so.far. should I try & log out & log in?

Tried it…did not work.

install the samsung connect app, login and see if everything shows up there. if not, best advice would be to contact ST support at

Everything is in the new app. Only thing missing us the custom device handler that I used for the lowes iris plug that also acted as a extender.

OK, try to login on the Classic app but choose New User when you login and use your Samsung Login info (it should detect it automatically since you are logged into the samsung connect app)

Ok so the classic app has 2 homes in it. I have no problem using the new app but how can I add dth?

You can delete a Home Location that has nothing in it:

  1. Login to IDE at
  2. Goto Locations
  3. If you have multiple Locations, select the invalid one
  4. Make sure there is no Hub associated to it
  5. Scroll to the right and click Edit
  6. If the Default Location shows “true” (will be read only)
  7. If it is “true”, go back to Locations and select your primary (Real) location and set the default location to “true”
  8. Now you can edit/delete the additional/empty Home location as it will automatically be set to “false”.

in regards to what device handlers work in the new app, check out this thread

So should i focus on moving away from the old app?

At this point, it would be best to continue using the Classic app. feel free to check out the new app and see what it has to offer but again, best to use the Classic app as your main choice