SmartThings/Samsung Account Migration Beta

We are excited to announce that we are testing the ability to update your SmartThings account to a Samsung account. To make sure this feature works well, we are launching a beta, and with your help, we can bring this feature to all existing SmartThings users!

You may be asking yourself, “Why do I care about whether my account is a SmartThings or Samsung account?” Well, let me tell you. The following are the most exciting reasons to begin using a Samsung account:

  • Brings you simplicity and access to a wide range of Samsung services
  • Interoperability between Samsung Connect and SmartThings:
    • All SmartThings users will be able to use Samsung Connect.
    • Those of you with new Galaxy phones will be able to use Bixby to control your smart home

Who should sign up for this project?

  • SmartThings users who signed up before 5/4/2017

Will I be required to update my account at some point?

  • Yes, eventually all SmartThings accounts will be required to update to a Samsung account. The timeframe for that has not been decided yet and will depend largely on this testing.

How do I get started?

Thank you in advance for your time, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!


Nice! I like to beta.

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Me three :smiley:

hell i’m already putting my wife through 2 smart home betas, what’s a third?!

also, about time SmartThings got on the Centercode beta bandwagon.

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First, thank you and the SmartThings staff for all they do.

Question: Has Samsung fixed the problem where certain browsers (i.e., Silk on Amazon Fire Tablets) prohibit a user from logging in? And since there is no way to change the default browser on a Fire Tablet, there is no way to set up the app. Look at the Facebook threads. A lot of people are using Fire Tablets.


It’s not accepting my current SmartThings username/password

Yep, what @anon36505037 said. This does not use your ST account.

P.s., plan for this to start at the end of the week or early next week.

I signed up. Woot. Let the testing begin. I’m actually curious about the Connect app and how it will fare in terms of feature parity with the SmartThings app.

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Will this potentially destroy our setup that works? If not count me in.

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I don’t want to beta test, but I do want you guys to keep those of us that already have a Samsung and SmartThings account in mind. I don’t want to end up with two Samsung accounts.


Yeah, I have a Samsung account that uses the same email as my Smartthings account. I’d hate to have something go wrong since Smartthing does not have a backup/restore feature.


I have a Galaxy S8 so the new Samsung Connect is already there. I’ll try the beta if it helps with the migration process for others and myself.

Sorry I meant Samsung username/password. I already have a Samsung account as well. Would I still need to create a brand new account?

You should update the OP, @slagle, because you missed the BIGGEST reason to be excited about this if you have locks or garage door openers on SmartThings: Samsung accounts support 2-factor authentication! :grinning:


All I did, to make sure was when I registered, I used the same email and password for the new one. What I am hoping is that they won’t interfere. My original Samsung account is just where I registered my Samsung Products, such as my Radius Speakers and TV.

That’s the boat I’m in as well. I don’t have a modern Galaxy phone, but I do have a Samsung account that I created when I registered my fridge and other appliances.

I am sure if we are accepted into the beta, they will inform us of any problems.

Which log-in? Neither my SmartThings nor my Samsung sign-ins work on the link. Both sign-ins work on their respective sites. I do not want to create a new ST or Samsung account.

The beta site is neither Smartthings or Samsung. You’ll need to create a new Centercode login to get into the beta site.