Account migration with multiple users

I received the update banner today. My wife did not. I haven’t seen much mentioned about this.

Are we going to run into issues when/if I migrate since she isn’t migrating? If so, what to expect?

Looking for input from those that have migrated under similar circumstances.


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Personally I would try to wait until you both receive update notification … if possible.

While folks may respond that they did not encounter problems, if you are an exception, then you will be the one dealing with the fallout (even if SmartThings support is as helpful as posible).

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I actually have 3 logins. Only 2 use presence or are set up for notifications. Like you, I’m still using a V1 hub and have most everything working pretty smooth. The few things that aren’t are just my laziness in not spending the time to fix the problems. LOL. My bride is pretty happy right now and I don’t want to mess that up…

I thought someone from ST said that you could put it off for a bit but not for a real long time. It seems like the process started so long ago it’s hard for me to remember all the specifics.


I migrated during the beta. my wife still uses a SmartThings login. No problems that she’s reported to me, but she rarely opens the app.


TY for the reply.

In case someone finds this thread later, I did end up migrating and it appears that the migration completed without issue. If I find I have any issues later I will update accordingly.


I received the ST in-app notification prompting me to switch over to a Samsung account login. I followed the instructions and now login to the SmartThings mobile app through a Samsung account. However, I am definitely still using the ST Classic app. When you say you migrated, does that mean you are now using the new Samsung app or just changed your login over to Samsung? I am itching to get my hands on the new app, but don’t want to mess things up… my in-app says to continue using ST Classic for now (see screenshot).

If you’ve switched to the new app, how do you like it? Is it better organized?

Staying with the classic app. I don’t even have the new app installed. I too would love to work with the new rules engine. I have some automations that would definitely benefit from the added flexibility present in the new engine.

I moved all of my automations, except my cameras, from webCore to smart lighting awhile back. I did get most everything to work pretty much as with webCore but had to use a ton of rules and virtual switches to do it. I was trying to see what I could get working if I were to move to a V2 hub with local processing.

Anyway, only my login is migrated. This also migrates the IDE. Until told to do so, I am going to only have installed the classic app to make sure that I don’t have any avoidable issues.


Ok, that’s where I’m at too (old app, new login). I have also had a lot of issues with lighting automation. After I set up a new light automation, it seems to work well for a few months or so then randomly changes it’s mind and quits. I’ll just notice one day that our outdoor lights stop auto-activating. I also switched to the Smart Lighting solution, but the same thing happens every few months. It seems if I go in and re-setup the automation as a new one with the exact same configuration, it magically starts working again. I’m crossing my fingers that the new app will eliminate this issue :-). Guess we’ll see.

Also, on the original question, I just grabbed my husband’s phone and updated him after reading your comment. His app still seemed to be working fine prior to my switching him over to the Samsung login.

I received my notification to migrate to a Samsung account a few days ago but didn’t migrate until yesterday because I was out of town and wanted to wait. I only added a new Samsung account (didn’t have one previously) and I continue to use the Classic SmartThings app. My wife also has an account but has not received a request to convert yet, so I’ve not migrated hers yet.

Everything appears to be running well. No DTH issues, no IDE issues. No conflicts between different accounts, etc.


I haven’t had any issues with my automations stopping in smart lighting. Sorry to hear you are having that problem. Did you and your husband get the migration banner at the same time? Just curious.


I moved some of my webcore pistons to the new app via the custom automation creator. Kinda risky right now since they (meaning Adrian, formerly of Webcore) are supposedly re-doing the custom automation creator in the new app , but yolo!


Not sure if we got the migration banner at the same time. I had it for about a week before I jumped on it. 2 days later I grabbed my husband’s phone and he had it when I checked, but he doesn’t use the app often so I don’t know when his first appeared.


I wanted to leave an update. Since my migration I am no longer receiving push notifications. I emailed support.

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Same here. Notifications stopped for me too.

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I just got off the phone with support. I ended up having to redo all the rules that had notification to me in them. Fortunately, there was only a handful. I also noticed that I have 2 owners on my account (my ST login and my Samsung login). Support said that it won’t hurt anything.