This is How to Install 65' LED's Light Strips w/ Fibaro RGBW Controller

I have researched and read and ask question and got a lot of help
from people here on the forum. So I’m going to show how I installed my
Strip Lights in my Crowned Molding in my Living Room.

Someone might want to move this to another thread, cause there are so many post about this topic.

I wired parallel 65’ of LED’ strip lights


I ran two of the ZITRADES LED RGB Light Strips 10 Pcs Female Connector
RGB Wire Cable out of the Fibaro RGBW Controller and then connected one
Light Strip to that.

Here’s my pictures:


Yep, that’s how I did mine as well! Nice tutorial, I unfortunately never got a chance to build one.

Thanks for your time!


That looks great! So you connected both strips back to the controller. It looks like the two strips are 32ft ~(10m) each. Do you see any fade at the ends?

Thanks! No Fading at all. Just got a power supply that could power that much.

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That’s great, I saw you have a monster power supply. Usually there’s a trade off between the first LEDs in line getting too much power, and those at the end not getting enough.

Perhaps the 24v setup makes a difference. For me (12v) anything over half that distance started to fade. Long runs can be achieved simply by extending the next strip to the RGBW controller with RGBW extension cable.


yea long runs almost have to be 24V.

For long runs you can always inject power with either a new supply or run another cord with good guage alongside to tap into. Just make sure all the grounds are linked.

I’m hoping to do nearly this exact setup shortly (ordering first ST controller now and will be ordering the Fibaro and other pieces shortly), but had a question. Looking at your pics and what I read, I don’t see the male connectors you have listed in the parts list in use. The SuperNight strips look to have male connectors which would connect to the female leads you list, so where did they come in?

I think I used them to connect the light strips to the wires that are between the Fibaro controller and the light strips.

Got everything delivered yesterday and fired up a quick test, which worked perfect. Thanks for the guide! I did think of a couple questions for you. Do you leave the power supply on (plugged in since it has no switch) full time? If so, have you noticed any issues with heat buildup? I’m planning on putting it in the frame of my soffit where I had an outlet put in for it, but the outlet’s not switched or anything, so the power supply would be on 24x7 unless I arrange something for it.

I turn mine off with a smart outlet, as I don’t like the idea of a it running 24x7.

Yeah, kind of thinking the same. Thanks for the input!

I have my plugged in full time. My power supply is in my entertainment closet, so i don’t see it. But the power supply has a fan built in and when i leave the door open to let the closet get some air, I can hear the fan come on and off.
So I don’t think it is that big of a deal.
Hope to see pictures of the install!!!

I will soon have a similar 24v setup with a GE Zwave switch controlling the power to the transformer. I was wondering how the fibaro responds to the power switch?

If the fibaro is programmed ON Sunset to Sunrise…what happens when I turn off/on the switch after sunset?

OFF is pretty obvious = light goes off

I guess I’m asking how often the hub polls the lights for status and sets according to rules in smartapps?

That begs an interesting question of its own. What have you noticed as far as heat buildup when you’ve had both strips going for a while? My soffit is open in that I don’t have any individual sections closed off but the sides are closed, and it’s still only about 7" from the ceiling and about 16" wide, so not a ton of space. Wondering if that would be enough airflow or not.

Be aware airflow is not your only option. The power supply will cycle with its fan, which can get pretty loud. Its noticeable from 10+ feet. It wont run constant luckily

I’m thinking in the soffit it wouldn’t be audible, but that’s not a ton of airspace.

Ah, yours is outside?

I have mine inside, on a ledge at about 10ft high, in a room with cathedral ceilings. So it echo’s pretty loud for 3-10 seconds, then quiets down.

Inside. Internal soffit for a home theater, houses some can lights and Atmos speakers.

Just had a chance to hear the fan fire up while it was sitting in the soffit frame. I haven’t closed the sides of the soffit in yet, so that’ll help some, but it’s pretty audible. Floating it on a bit of foam might help, but it’s enough I may consider trying to run some wires to my (yet to be built) equipment closet.