Fibaro RGBW Controller with LED Light Strip Not Turning On

(Daniel) #1

I think I have everything hook up correctly. But the lights won’t turn on.

I have
24V power supply
Fibaro RGB Controller
18AWG RGB wire

can anyone push me in the right direction?

(Gil) #2

Hi @hockeydan,
For start, the ‘power cord’ from the RGB strip should be connected directly to the ‘power cord’ of the power supply…


Gil :slight_smile:

(Daniel) #3

are you talking about these wire in the picture highlighted in Red?

(Gil) #4

Yes, the 12V.

(Daniel) #5

I got the lights working! Thanks for your help!

(Daniel) #6

(Gil) #7

Nice gob !


Why did you take the BLUE from the led to the 12/24V in on the Controller? Thought the BLUE wire goes into the “B” on the controller?

(Daniel) #9

When I bought the LED strips they were wired wrong. It is a common issue with this brand.
But your correct if the LED strips were made right… the BLUE wire goes into the “B” on the controller

(Daniel) #10

This is my finish project post: This is How to Install 65' LED's Light Strips w/ Fibaro RGBW Controller


THanks, Setup looks GREAT!!!

I’m having some trouble setting mine up, I wired it up temporarily to check before running everything and I’'m getting pulsing of the lights and intermittent on and off. I’m using a 12V Dimmable Magnetic driver.


@nutshellml, did you resolve your problem?

I’m embarking on a project to put RGB LED strips under my kitchen cabinets, and I need them to be dimmable. I didn’t think that I needed a dimmable power supply, I thought I just needed a generic constant power supply and the Fibaro would handle the dimming duties (as instructed by my SmartThings hub) Is that assumption incorrect?

(Daniel) #13

you just need to get a normal power supply that can power the LED’s and the Fibaro will be the controller(dimmer). I hope that made sense and answered your question. Tell me if not.

Good Luck!!!

(Mike Rolle) #14

I must be missing something here, because the examples (images) in this thread are not of an RGBW strip light, they are of an RGB strip light.
I am searching for the connection method for an RGBW strip light when there is no separate power line for the strip. For the Fibaro, would you just jump power in to the inputs?


The image above is pretty good, all that is missing is the white wire of the RGBW strip and it terminates on the “W” terminal post. The only wire of the RGBW strip jumping around is the black.