I'm wondering if someone could make a Smart App where lights turn on automatically when game time with team colors with an easy interface

I don’t know if anyone can and/or would do this but…
I have the Fibaro RGBW micro controller with light strips around my living room.My LED light strips I’m using “twack” smartapp right now to control my light strips. His awesome smart app.

The idea for Smart App:

the interface will show the teams schedule and I just press on that game and it will know it is the Dallas Stars so it will be “Green” and it will know what time the game starts(what time to turn automatically lights on)

If that design of the app is too advanced to design here is another option.

Simple App:
where the light strips will change to the Dallas Stars colors(Green)
there will be a schedule for when the Dallas Stars play so I can just put in there schedule and the lights will come on automatically at game time.
Dallas Stars Schedule(Use this for the interface)

other ideas for the smart app:

the light strips will change to the team colors or loop through both team colors that are playing.

Maybe you could set up a piston in CoRE that uses IFTTT.

For example:

This could be possible with the help of Google Calendar.

I have switches that turn on/off based on a Google Calendar search. I have imported my teams’ calendars to Google so they can be searched. When my team has a game, the switch comes on and I can see it change on my SmartTiles dashboard.

Here is the Google Calendar app I’m using.

I just set up a separate item for each team on my list (and I have one for UFC as well that will turn on when the main card starts).

You could then tie this into CoRE to set your lights a certain color while a switch is on.

And after you create the switch, you can have CoRE change the colors for you when it turns on and return it back to regular color when the switch turns off :slight_smile:

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