Help with buying and connecting 92ft RGB LED Light Strips

(Daniel) #1

I’ve read all the topics on the LED Light Strips and how to connect them to Smartthings but I’m still confused.
Here is what my plan/ project is:

putting 92ft RGB LED Light Strips on the top of the wall in my Living Room. I’m going to have an outlet on the ceiling to plug them into.

Problem/ Questions:

92 ft is alot… so im going to have to plug in 2 difference Light Strips so I can get easier power.(if that makes sense)


Fibaro RGBW Micro Controller Z-wave, Works with RGB/RGBW LED Strips

SuperonlineMall AC 110-120V Flexible RGB LED Strip Lights, 60 LEDs/M, Waterproof, 5050 SMD LED Rope Light + Remote Controller (32.8ft/10m)

In the all… if I get 2 of each of those and plug them into each outlet will that work(smartthings)??
If this won’t work, PLEASE show/tell me what i need to buy and how to connect 92 ft of LED Light Strips and connect them to Smartthings.


(Mike Maxwell) #2

the fibaro rgbw controller is the bomb…, it does require a separate power supply. it doesn’t power the strips directly.
the limiting factor for the fibaro will be the total max current draw from the strips, check out the docs on it, just make sure not to exceed what the fibaro can handle, then make sure the power supply you select has at least the same rating.
I think the fibaro can support 24 volt led strips as well, can’t remember.

The Fibaro will not work with the strips you linked…, Fibaro works with 12 or 24 volt dc strips only.

(Daniel) #3

So by what your saying I need to have a plug in for the LED Light Strips and a Plug in for the Fibaro rgbw controller?

Will these LED Light Strips work?
50ft RGB SMD 5050 LED Strip Light Flexible w/ 12V PSU

As I was saying in my earlier post, I’m needing 92ft of LED Light Strips… I don’t really understand “Volts”, so say I don’t have enough outlet space to plugin 4 things (2 fibaros & 2 LED light strips). If I connect 2 light strips together will that make the Volts go up making the Fibaro rgbw controller go over its max current draw?

fibaro rgbw controller manual

Thanks again for your help!!

(Benji) #4

You need either 12Vdc or 24Vdc strips, you can parallel them to the controller which might be best if you’re going much over 35ft total to maintain brightness across the entire strip, you can do long runs in one long strip but I wouldn’t recommend it, especially not 92ft worth.

Technically the FIbaro does have a current limit and I would recommend sticking to it. That being said someone else here exceeded it and it seemed to be okay. If all of this is a little confusing, I’d recommend either having a professional do it or doing a LOT of studying first.

(Daniel) #5

I re-measured the length of what my total length of RGB LED Light Strips I need and I need 62ft not 92ft. So with 70ft LED Light Strips … will I be able to connect/wire the LED Light Strips to the Fibaro controller and not have to “wire parallel”, so i don’t lose Voltage?

So if the above is correct, I think these are the items I need will be:

70ft 24V LED RGB Light Strips that will need a outlet to plug in
Fibaro RGBW controller that will need a outlet to plug in

(Benji) #6

Even at 24V I think you’ll probably get too much voltage drop with a 70ft strip and your current draw regardless may be a little high…

I’m also not sure if that IS 24V as they are mixing 12/24V all over the place, I’d proceed with caution.

(Daniel) #7

I guess the only way I’m going to be able to make 62ft of LED light strips work with the Fibaro controller is to wire them parallel.
I think I found a good illustration on how it is done… Wiring Parallel

Is that how i will do it?

(Benji) #8

To be honest and I’m not trying to be an ass but, if you’re unsure I’d really have a professional help you out. I am not a professional nor a qualified electrician so I’m not in a position to give you sound advice, nor be responsible in the event anything goes wrong.

Getting electronics wrong can cause all sorts of bad things, yes, including fire and death.

If it were me, at those lengths, parallel or not, I’d stick to 24V strips and personally, I don’t trust the Chinese eBay/Amazon power supplies.

(Daniel) #9

O ok. Thanks

(Daniel) #10

I found a great example of how to connect a Long Run of LED Light Strips.

LED flexible strip light RGB Amplifier