The End of Groovy Has Arrived

That is no good if you have multiple Harmony hubs.

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Wow, I didn’t realize this… That’s gonna be a problem!


Hi my friend …thanks for your kindly answers !.. Family is a mix of iOS and Andorid… Thanks !

for iOS, if you are not going to use Phone Presence in the ST app and you have some type of HomeKit hub such as Apple TV, HomePod, HomePod mini, or iPad that is always on and can be used as a HomeKit hub, you can purchase a Meross outlet. I believe @JDRoberts has written something on this topic.

Note: the iPad used as a Homekit hub will not support matter in the future.

For Android: I don’t really know the answer for that at the moment. What I thought could be used is no longer available.

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For iOS. This one is easy and reliable as long as HomeKit presence is reliable. It does mean buying another device, although it’s a pretty inexpensive one.

How to Use a Meross or Matter Plug to Use HomeKit Presence to Trigger ST Routines

For Android, Tasker plus SharpTools is currently a popular presence option. it does require buying two paid apps if you don’t already have them. As @charlie969 notes below The old method with Tasker plug-ins and sharptools will not work after the transition, but there is a different method using webhooks that would.

SharpTools/Tasker for presence detection (2022)

Another android option is to capture when the phone connects to the home Wi-Fi. there’s an Edge Driver option for that, although I think that one is technically more complex to set up. And it won’t work with all Wi-Fi routers.

[ST Edge] LAN Device Monitor - #48 by TAustin

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SharpTools Tasker plugins will no longer work after Groovy shuts down…


Are all SmartApps no longer supported? I am using a few made by Smartthings, such as Speaker Companion, Smart Lighting and Enhanced Auto Lock Door. Are these apps going away on September 30th as well? If so, are there any plans to replace them?


Smart lighting will be migrated. The others you will need to manually migrate to Routines in the app.

It also dawned on me the smartapp I use for notifications is way better that any routine because it’s an all-in-one app and it includes the device name in the notification. Routines right now don’t do that if I recall correctly. Replicating the capabilities of that app in routines will take me over too.


If they migrate Smart Lighting to routines, they better introduce tags or folders to organize routines as well or it’s going to be one big messy list!

My main issue is with the Speaker Companion though. I use it to start a playlist on my Sonos and that feature does not seem to be available with Routines.


What is being done about the limit of 200 routines?


Users should contact ST Support and put in a request for the limits to be raised. Who knows, if there are enough requests… it could happen!


So Groovy drivers go away in about a month, but the Edge driver migration will take several months? If I read that correctly, there will be some presently supported devices that won’t have replacement drivers for potentially about two months? Who did that math??


Sonos integration is effectively being broken by this transition. No way to start a playlist or a radio station from a routine, as both Speaker Companion and Webcore will be deprecated!


I’ve been managing pretty well with multiple routines,so far, and have even been enthusiastic about getting creative with virtual devices. But realizing there is a hard limit, I just don’t know…

Hoping automations evolve to accommodate a little more complexity while allowing for fewer routines.


How about we get an app that isn’t slow as balls before you make this change so we can transition effectively?


With respect, are you serious? Because of course no one has done this already.


Hello. Which devices are you concerned about having to re-onboard? Perhaps I can help if you share more about your set up?

We have a migration plan that covers many situations, and are trying to avoid having this case.

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How about Sonos playlists? How can we start them with a Routine if Speaker Companion goes away?