Streaming Protocol to show live feed of security camera on Samsung TV

What is the supported streaming protocol in smart-thing to view live feed of security camera on Samsung tv and what are the supported AV codecs?

Streaming video is a little complex but basicaly there are currently 2 ways

c2c integrations from Samsung, Arlo, Nest and a few others, using this method there is no need for codecs and the like

Another method is currently in Beta stage where an Edge driver detects an Ip camera on your home network and hands the details to the platform which then handles the stream

Using c2c the Samsung Tv running integrated Smartthings should display the camera stream

Currently there has been no luck in displaying a camera stream from the edge driver on a Tv, the link below has conversation about the topic

Read here about the beta Edge driver created by @TAustin

@fido Our camera is WWA (Work with Alexa) compatible so we want to integrate it with Samsung also in similar way . For Alexa we return the RTSP url for live playback on Echo devices .

What is the streaming protocol Samsung supports for c2c live view of camera . I can see only webrtc in production capability . But there is not device handler type which supports it.

What protocol Samsung - Arlo using for streaming video

DTH is now being superseded by Edge, Groovy integrations are currently being switched off in favour of the new integration

If you are a developer i would suggest you ask development questions in the developer section for more information

As i mentioned above currently the only way of video streaming is via a c2c integration or using @TAustin driver inked above

The Smartthings platform at present does not support camera integration easily, Smartthings edge offers new possibilities but is still not agile enough to keep up with developers and there requirements, sadly it also true that requested changes and features rarely happen or happen slowly