[ST Edge] ONVIF-compliant IP Camera Motion Detection & Video Streaming - Testers Wanted!

If you have IP cameras, many of them may be ONVIF-compliant (or at least ‘compatible’). If so, this driver will provide a way to locally integrate these cameras into SmartThings and provide both video streaming (with some caveats) and motion alerts.

As of the creation of this post, this driver should be very much considered BETA-level, and the purpose of this post is to solicit additional testers. Thus far it is working with both Reolink and Hikvision cameras, and I’d like to have it tested on others.

If you are interested, I ask that you also have the SmartThings CLI available to obtain logs, especially if you are trying a camera other than Reolink or Hikvision. The ONVIF network interface is not simple and there are lots of places where things can go wrong, especially with cameras that haven’t properly implemented the ONVIF specification. The only way I will be able to do any problem determination is if you can provide logs.

I want to express HUGE gratitude to @fido who provided the original inspiration for doing this driver and then was vital throughout the development the effort (he had Hikvision cameras, I had Reolink). It was a painstaking process to work through all the issues we encountered, and he was tireless in providing me logs over and over again while we squashed them one by one. Beyond providing logs, he helped figure out the Hikvision camera configuration requirements and was instrumental in figuring out an acceptable solution to SmartThings’ currently ‘less-than-optimal’ video streaming options. THANK-YOU to @fido!!!

For those interested, here is the link to documentation on my github. I’d encourage you to read through it, and if you’re game the link to my test channel to install the driver is there.

If you choose to proceed, please be aware that there may be multiple driver updates throughout this phase, some possibly requiring you to delete previous devices and start over. So I would advise against doing too much automation routine work with these devices until things settle down.

I look forward to your feedback.


I’ve added this driver, searched for new devices. Almost instantly popped up both my onvif webcams. Configured user/pass and hit refresh.
Updated info appeared an i was able to enable motion detect. It works and updates status in tile as it should.

I’m missing just video feed … Will wait :wink:

Nice!!! :rofl::grin::persevere::muscle:


That’s great! Can you report what Reolink models you have so I can start a ‘tested’ list?

For streaming, create a camera group in the mobile app and add your new camera devices. You should then be able to see the video stream by opening the camera group.

I have:
Reolink RLC-820A
Reolink RLC-520
Reolink RLC…wifi … in the drawer :wink: not today

Here are both working streams. Damn those spider-webs :wink:


So glad this was a success for you! Very satisfying to see this work for others :+1:t3:

Thank you for giving it a shot.

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For those that have a Samsung Tv that has the ST app natively available the cameras found in @TAustin driver will be detected by the Tv ST app, however in our findings so far, that is as far as it gets, unfortunately the cameras fail to resolve an image

Hopefully in time this can be addressed, the issue appears to most probably be an ST platform issue rather than a driver issue

The icing on the cake for me would be to have an external Hikvision camera pop up on the Tv if movement detected

Hikvision cameras will need to have Onvif enabled and a user name and password setup in the Onvif section of the camera UI, more details available in the driver documentation provided by @TAustin above

This is an exciting development but unfortunately both my Reolink 510w that are connected to synology surveillance station aren’t discoverable after a few attempts.

Will be keeping a close eye on this and trying again later.

Third one is RLC-410W is also working with video stream :wink:

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Occasionally it may take a couple discovery attempts for the cameras to respond.

Do you recall if your synology station was originally able to discover them itself, or did you have to configure their IP addresses manually?

One other thing you might check, is if you go into the camera’s configuration screens using a browser and their IP addresses, there may be a configuration option somewhere to enable or disable discovery.

Could you post here the Hikvision camera models that you’ve been able to verify work. I thought I had that somewhere, but couldn’t find.


Confirmed working.

Firmware v5.6.5

Firmware v5.6.18

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Yeah I added to Synology using the cameras IP address. I’ve enabled UPnP on each camera, rebooted and attempted to connect on serval occasions with no joy.

This is no biggie for just now, as much as I want to try, just really pleased this is in development and look forward to getting it up and running in the future

Sorry it’s not working. That model must not support an ONVIF interface, unfortunately. UPnP discovery is a different animal from what ONVIF uses, so you may want to turn that back off (unless you want your cameras monitored by my LANDEVMON driver :wink: )

No need to apologise! The camera 100% supports ONVIF, can’t see any other ‘discovery’ modes within the camera settings. I will persist though and hopefully have some positive news to report back.

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Just some thoughts:

  • Is it on the same subnet as your hub?
  • Is it behind a firewall?
  • If it is definitely ONVIF compatible, then we need to figure this out. Maybe it is returning something that my driver doesn’t like or recognize. We may have to get you set up with the CLI if you don’t already have it and get some log output.

One more thing you could check out.

There is a utility program called ONVIF Device Manager that you could use to see if it recognizes your camera. If it can, then that gives us hope. If it can’t either, then its likely that the ONVIF discovery support is just not there.

It’s an interesting prospect that maybe some cameras do support ONVIF but for some reason have left out the discovery piece. If that is the case then I’d need to look at how to include an option in my driver to provide an explicit IP address as an alternative to discovery.

Here is the link. I don’t love the country of origin, but it’s been around for quite a while and is pretty well known and used widely. I’ve used it a lot myself.

I can’t discover my cameras and they are ONVIF for sure. Is ther any other way to create device with edge driver, besides discovery?
Something like your network tool, where i could enter credentials and other settings

I can see them with Groovy DTH

ODM is finding them

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I need logs please, so I can see what may be causing the problem.