[SmartThings Edge] Video capabilities in drivers

Are the video-related capabilities supported in Edge yet? I’d like to explore creating a driver for ONVIF-compliant video cameras and use the videoStream capability.


I really wanted my onvif cameras to work on ST

Hi, @TAustin.
AFAIK, there is no restriction on which capabilities work on each integration type. What can happen is that certain capabilities need a special configuration like video capabilities do.
To see the video plugin, you need to use a configuration similar to the one in the RSTP or WebRTC profiles I shared in the post below:

In the case of Edge drivers, you define the profile instead of using the profile IDs but you need to use the same presentation ID.
You can see all those configurations using this command:

smartthings deviceprofiles profileID [-y,-j]

Please, let me know if you have any questions.


Including onvif camera feeds would be a popular option

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Would also be very useful to have an onvif capable camera feed ON a tile the same size as home monitor on the (favorites) page, should be called (home) but i wont go there

But non the less having live feeds of cameras on a larger tile without actually tapping the tile to see the output would be very very useful

Currently not achievable but perhaps could be suggested back to ST devs

I don’t know if this is what you mean, but my Ring cameras in the ST Camera Group all show live views when you click into the group. The individual cameras do not need to be tapped. However, this only works when I’m on my home wifi.

I only have 1 camera that is currently supported by ST, an old Nest cam, tried to create a group to test if i could see a live view without clicking into the devices tile and i just get an error messsge saying not possible