Samsung Security Cameras

I’d like to add an exterior camera system to my SmartThings setup, but I’m not thrilled about having to pay a fee to access streaming video (and if I read that wrong please let me know). So I’m looking at just getting a seperate system for my cameras.

Right now, I’m looking at this Samsung HD system. It’s waterproof, HD (I have a long driveway, and need the extra definition), and has it’s own way of doing alerts. However, it doesn’t integrate natively with SmartThings.

Has anyone tried this system, or found a way to hook it up?

Streaming will always be free. Storage of clips though SHM is what the subscription is for.

This will not be able to work within SHM (saving clips) as only the cameras we certify will work through them. I’m sure some smart people could find a way to integrate them for photo capture though.

Side Note: At the moment our streaming video APIs are not available to the general public and only our certified cameras will allow streaming.

Thanks for the reply! I had thought “Video clip notifications” meant streaming video, not saved video. It’s a bummer about the APIs though, I want to run wired cameras and there just aren’t any supported. Which makes sense, I’m sure it’s a fringe use-case.

If nothing else, I’d like to be able to trigger events based on motion. It sounds like it’s possible from the SmartThings end, it’ll be interesting if I can find a way form the camera end.

Did you ever figure out a good solution? I was wanting to do the same thing but really not finding any good options.

Samsung has actually sold off their line of DVR cameras. I bought a Swann system for the time being, and I’m having issues getting the email to work (they use very outdated security measures). But my eventual plan is to figure out a way to use the emails to trigger IFTTT recipes.

I just got some Kuna light/cameras for the front/back door but will have to get some secondary ones for the sides, etc. so the hunt continues! Good luck on the IFTTT!

The current list of supported cameras hasn’t changed in a year and it was pretty lackluster to begin with. The single outdoor option is a 720p unit with horrible reviews.

Is SHM ever going to support modern devices?

Thanks! My problem was I wanted wired cameras that went to a local DVR, instead of a web-based solution. My internet can be flakey, and I didn’t want to be dependent on it. Plus, I have so many wireless devices that I try to wire things in when I can.

I have the IFTTT working, still fine tuning, but things are looking good so far! It’s a bummer I have to have another service, but that’s a thing I’m starting to get used to to get all the functionality I want.

I have Smartthings at home and just got a Samsung WiseNet DVR system with 10 SDH-C85100BF wired cameras. Both working well independently. Not interested in wireless cameras due to security concerns. Has anyone figure out how to integrate both systems? Appreciate the help.

Not sure if yours are compatible or not, but I’ve stumbled across AngelCam which gives traditional security DVRs some cloud functionality. Haven’t investigated too far yet, but it’s a possibility: