Wanting to monitor if my garage is left open - can't get any options to work

I added the Garage Door Monitor smartapp, but it doesn’t recognize my garage door controller I guess (GoControl). When I try to set it up, it says no devices found.

Next I was going to try the Smart Home Monitor in the Classic app, but SHM is not anywhere to be found. Most instructions say it’s on the dashboard, but there’s nothing on the dashboard other than Favorites, and I don’t see any way to create it.

Am I doing something wrong? I’m in the USA, so I assume the SHM would be available to me?

Welcome! If you are a new user, you should really consider using the new SmartThings app and using smartthings home monitor (STHM) in it. They are in the process of phasing out the Classic app and for new users they have removed SHM and routines. Plus GoControl is available through the new app by clicking on add device > by brand > GoControl.

Thanks for the reply!

I did add my GoControl garage door opener just fine, it’s the Garage Monitor smartapp that doesn’t recognize it. That’s where it says “no devices found” if that makes sense.

I would use STHM but I can’t see anything where I can do what I want in there. I just want to re-lock my door of its been unlocked for 20 minutes, or monitor my garage. STHM seems to be specifically for monitoring your house when you’re not there - or is that not right?

Thanks again!

You can do that with an Automation…

State: unlocked
State: locked
Delay 20 minutes

You should also be able to do one for garage door.

I’ll let someone else respond on the GoControl monitor

Thanks again fire the reply.

Tried setting up the door lock monitor, but can’t seem to find the delay option. Doesn’t seem to be in there. I’m in the new app, is that correct?

yep… the new app

attached is an example. you can ignore the send text message part

30min schl 2020-05-13_13-25-27

Click the +

Select Automation

For IF
Select Device Status
Select the lock you want to check and mark it unlocked
Select Lock State Unlocked

Click Save
Click Next
Click +
Click Control Device
Pick the Lock again
Tap On The Lock
Set it to Locked
Delay the Action
20 Minutes

Save and Name your automation

Woo hoo! I think your instructions helped. Thanks!