Multipurpose Sensor fails to trigger rule

I am brand new to Smartthings and just purchased the Monitoring Kit. I used the Smart Home Monitor app and created a rule for each Multipurpose sensor to notify me if a door is left opened for 3 minutes. The issue is that these rules only fire very sporadically. Sometimes a door open for over 3 minutes sends the notification and sometimes it doesn’t.

I looked at the log and I can see the status open and the status close correctly. Do I have a faulty sensor or a faulty hub? Any ideas of how to troubleshoot this? Any help is really appreciated.

For future reference in case someone runs into this issue and finds this thread, I was able to solve it by contacting support.

According to support, Smart Home Monitor Custom rules are a bit finicky at the moment. The problems with Custom Rules in SHM ARE something they know about, and they’re working to get it to be much more reliable. It mostly seems to be with the ‘left open for x minutes’ feature.

Their solution was to remove the rules and they installed a custom app called Left It Open. After I configured Left It Open, my alerts became consistent and are working well now. :smiley:

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Where is the LEFT IT OPEN app. I can not find it.

Support had to install it for me. It was not available for me until they installed it.