Custom alerts in SHM missing in new app?

The ST Classic app allows for custom alerts where I can set it to let me know if a door has been open for 10+ minutes. I don’t see this option in the new ST app. Am I missing it or does this feature not exist in the new app?

You can create any kind of alert you want using an Automation in the new app…except door open for X minutes. Currently only motion sensors allow an active for X minutes condition. Hopefully they are closing this gap soon.

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You may not want to use that word :slight_smile:

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“Soon” :wink: It’s been noted as a gap by the ST team, but ultimately only they know the schedule for releases.

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I was just trying to use the “for X minutes” trigger on a motion sensor automation, but I couldn’t even find that option in the new app Custom Automations. Does it still exist?

It does not exist at this point. But check out webCoRE

Note: WebCoRE can not manage STHM which is the subject of this thread.

Yeah, I’m familiar with Webcore. I was trying to do something simple.

Ok, so I found there’s a “Motion duration” option available in custom automation for my SmartThings motion sensor, but it’s not available for my Konnected motion sensor. Anyone have ideas why?

Sounds like a good question for @vlad. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen differences between hub connected and cloud connected devices in the automation creator. Hub vs cloud garage openers have differences, too.