SHM custom monitor rule giving false reports

Not sure if this is the proper location, but I will try asking here.

I created a SHM custom monitoring rule. Basically, I asked it to monitor my door open/close sensors (all of them) which are open for 5 minutes, and send me a notification.

I’ve received three false notifications over the past few days for doors that were clearly shut. It has been three different doors.

I’ve armed the alarm every night, and a few times during the day, and have never received a false alarm, from the door sensors or otherwise.

I’m thinking of just re-creating the rule in Rule Machine to see if it’s a software glitch.

Can you recommend any troubleshooting that I can try?


That’s the #1 recommendation.

The code for SHM is proprietary and not published, so the Community can’t help debug. Unlike the open source Rule Machine.

You can contact to trace your account but I recommend also petitioning them to give us the source code for SHM.

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I examined my activity log yesterday.

I received notification that the door had been left open for 5 minutes yesterday at 4:20 pm.

That door was opened and closed at 4:02 pm and there were no entries in the log since that time.

So whatever is tripping the notification does not appear to be the sensor…

I’m going to change the notification to Rule Machine today.

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