Door left open alert?

(Zachary Evans) #1

I had a custom alert setup using the SHM app that would alert me if any of my doors were left open for longer than 3 min. It would send a push and sms. It worked great up until yesterday, now none of my sensors will trigger the alert. I have 2 smartthigns brand sensors and one ecolink door sensor.

Ive changed all the setting around and deleted and redid the custom program along with the SHM app and none of this seems to help

The sensors work to trigger the alarm when SHM is set to ARM.

Any idea on what’s going on?


I think it is the same issue I had. see solution here:

(Zachary Evans) #3

Thanks a lot. I’ll shoot them an email and see if I can get this taken care of. That feature really comes in handy and I would like to get it working real soon

(Dr C) #4

Does anyone know if this feature is available/works? I’ve been trying to do the same thing. I was able to figure out how to get it to send a text when it’s open but not for ‘x’ amount of time which is the key. I’ve also tried to see if I can get it to turn off a thermostat if it’s longer than ‘x’ time so that if a door is open it would turn off the AC (or heat). Thus far, nothing seems to work as it ‘should’