STHM - Custom Monitors - Where is it?

well holy moly how have I never seen this? :slight_smile:

And neither does SmartThings support know about it, or even wants to officially support it.

I contacted support to obtain this Custom Monitor SmartApp, they advised me that;

I would like to inform you that officialy we do not support the custom monitor smartapps in the new SmartThings app

So, I guess those of us early adopters to the new SmartThings app are out of luck.

By the way, the Left it Open SmartApp is a good solution for devices, but it doesn’t support triggering Camera recordings like the old SHM Custom Routines did. And since I can’t setup an Automation to record from an Arlo camera, I had to resort to using an old community provided SmartApp which I can only hope continues to work after all the SmartThings changes happen if they continue to not provide better support for Arlo camera integration.

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So, I guess those of us early adopters to the new SmartThings app are out of luck.

Today is the last day to hit that Migrate button! I deleted all my other rules from the Classic app and with only having the custom rules enabled I migrated and don’t have any issues.

I do not see STHM in the list of smart apps.
I also lost all my classic custom monitors.
I would like to rebuild them.
Is there a way to add STHM from a template?

the new app has a region lock on some smartapps outside the US which the Classic app did not have. so, if you are outside the US, i imagine STHm is blocked to you.

always contact ST support and request that service be enabled and perhaps if enough users respond, they might open it up eventually.

without STHM, i guess you can try to use automations as best you can.