Stepwise dimming of a light with SmartThings Routines, when pressing IKEA buttons?

I have an IKEA 5 button keypad and an IKEA bulb. When pressing the up and down buttons I would like to dim the light in 20% increments. How can I achieve this in the app? It was pretty straightforward with WebCore…Do I need to create 10 routines where I check the current dim level, or is there a more elegant solution?

Ideally I’d like to cycle colors with the left and right buttons too, but this is less critical…

If you use this driver

You can use level steps

in routine’s command part (Then).

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Hi @TapioX

Can you explain better how to do that??

There is a new edge driver created by a different community member just a month or so ago specifically for that purpose. Check out the following thread and you can ask anymore questions there about that one:

[Edge] IKEA RODRET, SOMRIG and SYMFONISK Gen 2 Button Edge Driver

Thanks for your answer. I’m really looking for how to use a Moes smart knob in a routine to control a dimmer step by step. Apparently Mariano’s driver is for zigbee devices only. With the other threads that I have seen I have not been able to do it.

I’m confused. :thinking:

  1. this thread was started as a discussion of IKEA remotes. Those are Zigbee devices, and both of the edge drivers mention so far are for those devices.

  2. to the best of my knowledge, moes doesn’t make any zwave devices. Most of their devices are re-badged Tuya devices and are either Zigbee or Wi-Fi. And the moes Smart knobs specifically are Zigbee devices.

Can you post the model number for your device in case it’s one we haven’t seen before?

  1. if it is a Moes smart knob which is a rebadged Tuya Zigbee device, you might have to use the following edge driver, but I don’t know if that will have step-by-step increments.

[ST Edge] Zigbee Driver for MOES 4-Button Scene Switch (TS004F) Plus Some Smart Knob Models

Sorry for confusing you.

Although my device is not from Ikea, I was interested in this thread because of @TapioX comment about using a function of Mariano’s driver to reproduce level increments in a routine and I thought I could apply it to the smart knob, which is the same device that you posted. I have already seen the thread you sent and I am following up on it, but I have not been able to achieve the objective.

At the moment I have the smart knob and I want to control a Shelly Dimmer 2 device that is wifi and that I have added in smartthings, where I would like to dim up or down by rotating the smart knob, but the option to increase or decrease is not available in the routines. Excuse my English, I’m using Google translate.

Thanks again!

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It’s such a basic feature that I don’t understand it’s not available in SmartThings without having to rely on custom drivers.

People are using my Virtual Scene Switcher as workaround, you will need to create few routines with different brightness levels but they are trivial with no conditions or anything like that. The driver has actions like “next” and “previous” to execute the proper routine (brightness) each time.

Can be used to cycle through colours too or do complex stuff like repeating actions, cycle on hold/release, etc.

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My understanding is that the smart Knob sends the dimming level to the SmartThings. If this is true, you can use the Rules API rule to control the dimming of the lamp.

If Shelly’s connection is of the cloud-cloud type this can cause problems for the operation of the Rules API rule.

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Hi @mocelet,
It seems to be a great driver and I think I will be able to achieve what I want. I’m going to read and study your thread. If I have any questions I will ask them directly in the thread. Thank you so much!


Hi @TapioX,
I’m not familiar with the api rules, I can take a look.

Shelly’s connection is cloud-cloud type but there is a driver with which it can be controlled locally. I’m going to try the driver from @mocelet.

Thanks for your help and comments.

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