Stepwise dimming up/down with button, cycling through colors with other buttons?


after googling, looking through the SmartThings V3 app and searching the forum, I haven’t been able to find how to implement what I am trying to do. But I think it’s pretty fundamental so I must be missing something.

I have a V2 hub and an IKEA 5 button remote. I want to use the top and bottom buttons to dim up and down by 20% respectively. For the left and right buttons I want to cycle through 5 colors that I have predefined. How do I do that? I’ve only managed to set a specific dim level and a specific color for each of the buttons, but not actually doing it in several steps. Thanks!

You ought to be able to do that with webCore.

You could set the power levels with a variable that could increment/decrement on a button push, or since you only have five levels, use a series of IFs to set the next level for each push. Same thing for the colors. Use a series of IFs to cycle through them.

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