Increase / decrease brightness per click on IKEA Tradfri Dimmer?

Hey guys,

is there any way to increase or decrease the brightness of a lamp by clicking on the button several times?
For now I can only assign a fixed brightness level to each button. I want to increase / decrease the brightness each time I a tap a button.


You might want to look at ABC - Advanced Button Controller.

Or, are you using it with IKEA Bulbs? Or other zigbee bulbs?

You can try this in the new App:

This is exactly what i mean! Thank you very much.

Sadly the the ABC Manager closes and tells me something of a server error when I tap on “Button1 Tap to configure” in the Child Creator.

Try in the Classic App. It works there. Some SmartApps seems to be not compatible yet fully with the new App.

Otherwise if Zigbee bulbs, try it with the second method.

Edit: never mind it is not supported yet in the new App.

Yeah great! Thank you!

Now the button hold function does not work. Do you have any ideas to that?
Normal press function works just fine.

@skrippi, Which device is it exactly? Post a link of the IKEA page.

I guess it’s this:

i have the same issue with the same (?) dimmer that comes with the ikea smart blinds (I assume it’s exactly the same dimmer): “hold” works on the 5-button tradfri remote, but not with this square one…

Any tip?


What DH are you using? Is it the stock one?

I have a few of those buttons and the hold function works as expected.

How are you trying to use the hold function?

I use ABC Advanced Button Controller.

Otherwise try to re-pair it.

Hi Gabor,

I’m using a DH i found in this forum some time ago:

`definition (name: "Ikea Up Down Button", namespace: "smartthings", author: "Luis Pinto", ocfDeviceType: "", mcdSync: true)`

Which one are you using?

I am using it with ABC as well, and I was trying to achieve the following:

top button held: Dimmers (toggle off/dim to 100) --> Light 1
top button pushed: Dimmers (decrease level by 10) --> Light 1

bottom button held: Dimmers (toggle off/dim to 100) --> Light 2
bottom button pushed: Dimmers (decrease level by 10) --> Light 2


I am using the stock DH. For the button. The shade controller should work with the same stock DH.

Try to delete the button and the DH, then add the button again.

Thanks, I’ve done that. The button is now recognized as “Ikea Button”, but I can see that in the IDE it says:


…while the 5-button I have has:


Can this be the “issue”? Does your button (with the stock DH) shows the “held” capability?


Indeed I have both pushed and held with the IKEA Button DH.

Ok, I’ve had a look on the code of the DH. The IKEA Smart Blind remote seems to have only push, but not held.

Have a look at this line:

def supportedButtons = isIkeaOpenCloseRemote() ? ["pushed"] : ["pushed", "held"]


There must be a reason for it. Probably the device is not capable of held, only push.

Otherwise, you asked in the other topic, the FYRTUR, or what ever it is called smart blinds are stock supported by SmartThings. Check the new app, add device IKEA section.

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I looked into the stock DH and found this:

if (numberOfButtons > 1) {

	def supportedButtons = isIkeaOpenCloseRemote() ? ["pushed"] : ["pushed", "held"]

…so it looks like the remote that comes with the blinds (“OpenCloseRemote”) is not the same as the standalone one (“OnOffButton”) after all…!

I wonder if it’s just a DH/software difference, or actual “hardware” difference… I may try and play with the DH.

ah, i just found out that too!

You can try it.

The hardware probably the same, the firmware inside differentiates it.

The open close uses different zigbee clusters than the dimmer remote.

Hi I purchased 4 gu10 tradfri bulbs and the tradfri 5 button remote. How on earth do I get the bulbs to dim up and down like a standard dimmer? Also is there no held option for the centre button?

@ChelseaNick25, You have two easy options.

  1. Download and install the ABC Advanced Button Controller SmartApp, and set up the buttons the do brightening and dimming steps on press or hold. What ever you want. The SmartApp might crashes in the new SmartThings app, so it is advised to install it in the Classic app.

  2. Pair the remote with TouchLink to the GU10 bulbs. (It works for me with the E27 bulbs). Pair all bulbs and the remote to the Hub, and make sure events are recorded when buttons pressed and help. Then move the 5 button remote close to one of the bulbs and hold the pairing button on the back, until the bulb dims and flashes once (as far as I can remember). Then try the dimming and on/off on the bulb, it should work now.
    Carry on adding the other bulbs to the 5 button remote with the TouchLink method.
    It is advised to remove the power from the other bulbs meanwhile pairing to one at the time.

I’ve paired them with the smart bulbs already and there back in the ceiling. Where would I get this app from please. Isn’t the centre button supposed to have a held operation as mine only has press.

Also thank you for the reply much appreciated.