Auto dim lights

I’m not really sure where to ask this, but I’m guessing this is the place!

I am looking to try and have my lights auto-dim as the evening goes on. Currently I have multiple automations for my switches so that they only turn on to a certain % depending on time of day but they will only activate when the switch is pressed.

I’m wondering is there a way to have them automatically dim as the evening goes on without having to hit the switch to trigger the automation.

If it helps, I use Zooz brand dimmers and have the SmartThings v3 hub. I’m just getting more into ST as I’ve moved into my first home and I’m definitely heading down the rabbit hole :rofl:

hi this might help


Will it work even though the switches are. Z-wave and not ZigBee?

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That’s a Zigbee Driver, the zooz devices are Z wave, so that’s not a match. :thinking:

I don’t know if @Mariano_Colmenarejo has anything similar for z wave devices.

Hi @lance_hails

For zwave bulbs have not driver with this functions

No smart bulbs, only switches.

I don’t know if there is a way to have a continuous, automatic dimming. However, if your switches support turning on and setting the dim level, you should be able to set up Routines that turn on and set the dim level at various times of the evening/night. For example, at 6pm turn and set dim level to 100%. At 8pm, if switch is on, set dim level to 80%…and so on.

You might also look at SharpTools to see if you can build more complex automations with the capabilities they offer. Downside to SharpTools is that it runs from their site and not locally on your hub.

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check here if your dimmer is listed

hope it helps

Hi Monty, I did a finding page search and do see multiple Zooz switches and dimmers listed, but I’m not sure what to exactly do with that information :sweat_smile:

i was hoping you would find your dimmer model,to make sure the drive was compatable.


You may have Already done this, but have you tried using a scene and then setting that to activate at a specific time of day? You would have to have one scene and one routine for each light level that you wanted, so it may not be appropriate, but I think it should change the light level without having to touch the wall switch. :thinking:

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That would work as alternative to what I suggested, difference being Scenes don’t run local yet where Routines do.

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Unfortunately that won’t achieve my goal. I guess what I’m looking for is this:

I come home from work, turn on my lights around 5pm. They turn on to 100%. If I leave the lights on, I want them to dim down to say… 80% around 7. 60% around 8pm, 35% by 9, and by 10, maybe 10%

Now I have automations on my switches to achieve this, but only when the switch is activated. I don’t want them to just turn on and set based on a given time because I may not be home, and no sense in wasting electricity lol. I’m looking to have it automatically set the level but Only when the switch is on.

For the first Routine, I’d have “if my Presence Sensor is home then if it is 5pm, turn on the switch and set level to 100%.”

Then you want to have routines that have “Switch is On” as a precondition in addition to the Presence Sensor. So, “if the switch is on and I’m home, then if it is 7pm, set dim level to 80%.” Next, “if switch is on and I’m home, then if it is 8pm, set dim level 70%.” Rinse and repeat.


Son of a… :laughing: Well I think that actually solves exactly what I want to do! I’ll test it this evening! Thank you!