Stelpro STZW402WB+ Unable to adjust temperature

Same problem as a lot of folks on here. My stelpro baseboard thermostat stopped giving me the option to adjust the temperature after the most recent SmartThings hub controller update. Do we know when this is going to be fixed? What is the best way to bring this to the attention of Samsung developers?


same problem here ! with any Stelpro products

Same problem here. I sent an email to Support to open an incident (Support request #1094515). Others may want to email or call. Information on how to report an incident is at the bottom of this page:

It’s a known issue that happened as a result of a recent UI plugin update from ST which caused the heating setpoint controls to disappear.

I found out, as a workaround, old classic app still works and allows to adjust the temperature on StelPro thermostats. We probably should ask them to keep old app at least for now.

Since Smartthings Classic app has been dead for over a year, did anybody find a way to change the temp with smartthings app? Or is there a better ZWave hub for the Stelpro that I should switch to?

Hey, I figured out a workaround! Smartthings app won’t work, but can connect the Smartthings hub to Google Home app on my phone (found the instructions here), and then use Google Home app to set the temp. Hopefully this works for a long time and doesn’t change :slight_smile:


  1. Open the Google Home app and ensure the Google account listed is the one you used to set up your Google Home.
  2. Tap the + in the top left-hand corner.
  3. Tap “set up device”, then Works with Google.
  4. Search for SmartThings and tap it.
  5. You’ll be asked to sign into SmartThings: Enter your Samsung or SmartThings account email address.
  6. Authorise the link, allowing access to locations.

Thanks very useful ! I was wondering the same thing
I also noticed on the Smartthings App that my “scenes” are still working and changing the temp …

I purchased a Stelpro Ki ZWave STZW402+ and installed it today. Very strange results:

When I ADD it to my SmartThings WIFI (model ET-WV525) with fw 45.11 linked to my USA profile it picks up PhilH’s “Z-Wave Masquerade v1.01” edge driver and the alternate drivers available include the stock “Z-Wave Switch”.

I excluded it from my main hub and installed it on an identical one on my bench BUT using my Canada profile. Poof it shows up with the “Z-Wave Thermostat” stock driver and is responsive. Very strange… Both Hubs are enrolled in the same Edge channels and have the same drivers installed to them - the only difference seems to be that my usual account is set up as a US region (my wife is from Texas and she doesnt comprend Celcius and thats the only way to have the interface in Imperial - at least two years ago when I set up the hub).

Here are screenshots…

Also - I suspect that while the Thermostat was included in my regular hub it was making one of my Zooz ZSE18 motion sensors go crazy - motion was triggering every 60s even tho nobody was triggering it. As soon as I excluded the Thermostat - the motion sensor is acting normal.

It would be great to be able to have the Z-Wave Thermostat driver associate with the Thermostat on both sides of the border.


Fixed the issue - found the ST Stock Edge Drivers BETA and subscribed and installed the Thermostat.
Also the custom Edge Driver by @Mariano_Colmenarejo works very well.

Driver ID ae1317ad-ba10-4f8b-9926-986101f2b849
Driver Name Z-Wave Thermostat Mc

Looking forward to when the migration is complete.

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Lost the ability for the thermostats to display the outside temperature after all these new updates. Any workaround to get this feature back?

Samsung Stelpro edge drivers are no longer supporting weather station according to official communications from Samsung.

Also, I was not able to control inside temperature when I used it first. had to toggle the temperature lock on the physical device twice and after it was okay to control with Samsung stock edge driver.

same thing as outside temperature is not local.