Unable to control temperature on Stelpro STZW402

Recent conversion from Wink Hub, which worked flawlessly when wink service was up. Unfortunately it was offline for a month.

Upon setup of SmartThings hub, I was able to connect all of my devices (door lock, water shutoff, thermostats), but my 6 Stelpro thermostats act like temp sensors and have no control options. I have filed a ticket, chatted with stelpro, but so far I see no evidence they are going to fix this. I see tickets referencing this back in 2020.

Luckily Stelpro provided a workaround where the google home app actually works properly for these devices, unfortunately google home does not connect to the other devices. So long story short, have to use 3 different apps in order to control the devices in one home.

Anyone have a workaround for the ST app? Seems like the only solution is to wait for a fix, which may never come from ST.

I’m having the same problem. This appears to be the second time an update by Samsung has messed with our Stelpro thermostats.