Stelpro STZW402WB+ Unable to adjust temperature

Same problem as a lot of folks on here. My stelpro baseboard thermostat stopped giving me the option to adjust the temperature after the most recent SmartThings hub controller update. Do we know when this is going to be fixed? What is the best way to bring this to the attention of Samsung developers?


same problem here ! with any Stelpro products

Same problem here. I sent an email to Support to open an incident (Support request #1094515). Others may want to email or call. Information on how to report an incident is at the bottom of this page:

It’s a known issue that happened as a result of a recent UI plugin update from ST which caused the heating setpoint controls to disappear.

I found out, as a workaround, old classic app still works and allows to adjust the temperature on StelPro thermostats. We probably should ask them to keep old app at least for now.