Stelpro Ki ZigBee Thermostat missing controls

Noticed about 2 weeks ago after chilly morning in North East. Heating controls missing from Stelpro Zigbee thermostats. any one else having this issue or know how to fix it?


I found this other post which seems related but I’m not 100% sure.

It’s not the first time such a bug appeared.
I just hope it’s fixed before winter comes back.

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I found that post when I first had this issue. Still none of my Stelpro thermostats have the heating control.

This was the same problem from back in early 2021.
I hope they fix it before winter comes back as well!

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Having the same problem with my 3 Stelpro KI zigbee thermostats, I notice this a couple of weeks ago (June 2022). The Smartthings app no longer has the button to turn on/off the thermostat or to set the temperature. I went as far as deleting one of my thermostats from Smartthings, manually reseting the thermostat to factory settings, and re-adding it to Smartthings. Still no controls can be managed via Smartthings. I can see the temperature and track the history, so the thermostat is talking to Smartthings, but cannot be controlled via Smartthings. If anybody can offer any help it would be much appricated.

Added note - same issue occurs on either a Android phone and also Apple/IOS device, neither allow controlling a Stelpro KI zigbee.

Brad_K , see the post linked to above at the bottom of the topic, it explains it. you can revert back to and that fixes it but it needs to be fixed in the newer release. This happened last year as well.

Thanks for the reply.