Can't set temperature and power consumption does not work

Is this the place to ask: will the new SmartThings that is coming soon fix this problem?

I am very frustrated that my relatively new Stelpro thermostats can’t be controlled by the app.

And yet SmartThings still list all the Stelpro Thermos as Works with SmartThings. I reported this in early June and they never replied. This was fixed in February 2021, same problem.

@ nayelyz what is SmartThings Works with SmartThings, shouldn’t they change it to Works with SmartThings but no controls?

It’s true the certification Works With SmartThings ensures the correct functionality of the device in the SmartThings platform, but, this is considered a bug in the SmartThings App, this means it affects other devices and not only one brand.
Have you already reported your case to Customer Support? They are handling the follow up of this issue, and it’s helpful knowing the complete set of affected devices.

@nayelyz Hi there, as several of us have said, Customer support cannot/will not help. This issue needs to be escalated in some other fashion.

@nayelyz you asked me this question a few months ago and I told you that I contacted support in early June and never got a reply from support. Bugs in a application usually gets fixed. Agreed that this is affecting multiple devices but I mostly see Stelpro mentioned and support doesn’t seem to be working on this at all! From what I’m reading , Stelpro is saying that Samsung will not provide any support for them to resolve this issue. If that’s the case then Samsung needs to remove this from the Works With SmartThings. Why have even more people waste their money on devices that Samsung obviously is no longer supporting?

@S.F.B, @mlchelp
I’m sorry you have experienced this and it slipped from my mind you mentioned this before.
I know it has been escalated and the team is working on a solution, maybe the issue is the communication from the team.
I’ll ask around to see if there’s more info.

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All, maybe this will help the developers : one of my Stelpro ZWave Thermostats is recognized by Smarthings as “Generic Z-Wave Thermostat” I am not sure why it was recognized this way but it is the only one not affected by the problem.
I still can change the temperature or switch modes. Other 9 thermostats are recognized as “Stelpro” and affected by the problem. If Smarthings would start recognizing all thermostats as “generic” - it could solve the problem.

Meanwhile - there is a workaround that appears to work (credit to this post Stelpro STZW402WB+ Unable to adjust temperature - #5 by ag2000)

  1. Open the Google Home app and ensure the Google account listed is the one you used to set up your Google Home.
  2. Tap the + in the top left-hand corner.
  3. Tap “set up device”, then Works with Google.
  4. Search for SmartThings and tap it.
  5. You’ll be asked to sign into SmartThings: Enter your Samsung or SmartThings account email address.
  6. Authorize the link, allowing access to locations.

Note that you do not need neither Google nor Amazon hardware, your Apple or Android apps are sufficient. I was able to apply the workaround while being remote (no need to be on the local network with your devices while setting it up).

I previously had my Stelpro ZWave and Zigbee thermostats working again by reverting to version as I mentioned in a previous reply. Unfortunately, I accidently upgraded the app to the latest version, and it now appears that no longer works,

So similar to the reply by @ag2000, I reinstalled the latest version of the app and using the IDE changed the type of the Zigbee thermostats from Stelpro Ki Zigbee Thermostat to Zigbee Thermostat. Similarly, I changed the type of the z-wave thermostats from Stelpro K Thermostat to Z-Wave thermostat. I am guessing those are the new edge drivers, but honestly I am not up to date on all the changes happening with the platform.

Bottom line is that everything now seems to be working using the latest version of the app. The only thing I noticed was that ECO mode no longer seems to be an option, but that is not important to me.

I also checked out the thermostats at Oddly enough 1 zigbee thermostat and 1 z-wave thermostat do not seem to render correctly, but the others do.

So while it seems like there is still some work to do, it appears that things are moving forward to get these working properly with the platform.

As of today I updated SmartThings app and my Stelpro Ki Zwaves can now set heating temp.

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The same applies to HeatIt Z-TRM3, too. Good news!

The older version Z-TRM has however been working by means of both app and routines for years but the UI did recently change a bit for some (!) of them but luckily without compromising functionality.

Now works on last version (but meanwhile, I migrated to Home Assistant / retired SmartThings at that location)


As of 10/27/22, does not seem to be working well with those thermostats at all and the behavior has changed. 1 thermostat is not showing up at all and the others have varying rendering problems.

Is anybody using with these thermostats? Are they working properly for you?

Hi, @kcw!
Some mentioned above that the last app update solved the problem, do you have this version (Android: || iOS: but the problem still exists?

Hi @nayelyz

I am using and except ECO not showing up the thermostats seems to work fine. ECO mode is not that important to me, so not a big deal.

My last message is pointing out that for me the thermostats are not working correctly in the web portal, Currently not a big deal for me, but wanted to know if others were having issues with the portal as well.


Ah ok, well, as this is a tool in the Beta phase, we can expect strange behavior.
But let’s see if others have the same issue…

Fair enough!! I guess it does say its in beta!


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I just got a few days ago a few more TH1123ZB for a few more rooms in my house. These new devices do not show the same behavior as my older ones… I don’t get regular temperature updates and I don’t see outside temperature.

My older devices were initially DTH that got converted to edge (I assume, how can I check driver version etc?) so I am assuming they’re all using the same approach.

I noticed that the new ones I got said -G2 after TH1123ZB, so is this related to being a G2 or adding sinope thermostats is broken?

att: @SinopeTech

There are 2 ways to see if your old or new devices are using Edge Drivers:

  1. in the mobile app open the device and click on 3 dots in upper right corner. If Driver is listed it is using an Edge Driver.

  2. in IDE the device the device type will be listed as Placeholder. This means it is using either an Edge Driver or a cloud to cloud integration.

ok I went into the IDE and I have found that these new Sinope G2 Thermostats are not using the same driver as these new ones. The older ones use TH1123ZB-TH1124ZB Sinope Thermostat and the new ones are identified as Fidure Thermostat (Zigbee id is very different, I wonder if this is why). So they do not show placeholder and execution location is Cloud. I thought there were native edge drivers for Sinope thermostats already…

You should be able to change the driver being used by the new devices in the IDE to the driver used by the older devices.

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