Stelpro releases the first Z-Wave Plus Line-Voltage thermostat: the STZW402+ Stelpro Ki Thermostat

Hi there,

Stelpro just released the very first Z-Wave Plus line-voltage thermostat aimed to control baseboard heaters and convectors up to 4000W powered at 240V (also works up to 2000W at 120V).

It’s the Stelpro Ki Thermostat (STZW402+)

It can be purchased here:

For more details go here:


I just ordered 4 of these but after looking at the install guide I’m confused about what commands can be sent to the thermostat. Can you actually adjust the temp. setting on the thermostat or can you just switch from ECO to Comfort mode?

You can do both.
From the “Stelpro Ki Thermostat” device handler, you can see the room temperature, see and adjust the heat setpoint, see and change the mode between Comfort and Eco.

I also bought 2. I will check back later this week after I received them.


WILL THIS WORK ON HYDRONIC (hot water) baseboard heat?

Hi @NYR,

I’m afraid not. This thermostat is designed to control an electric baseboard heater.
I’m assuming your hydronic baseboard heater is taking its heat from a boiler or a furnace? In that case, this thermostat will not work with your installation.

Please also note that Stelpro released a SmartApp on the ST platform to allow the thermostats to display a remote temperature on its screen.

It is called “Stelpro Get Remote Temperature”.
This SmartApp can be found in the SmartApp > Climate Control section on the ST mobile app.

Any product out there that I can use for Hydronic Baseboard with Oil Boiler. Line Voltage replacement?

I want to buy Stelpro electronic thermostat model stzw402+. There is any issue with this product?

I got 2, works great so far!!

The Stelpro Ki Thermostat can also be purchased here:

Hi @Luvien

I have installed two Stelpro thermostats and added them on ST hub.
I see the temperature and changes but I cannot change the set points.

Any Idea? I have attached a screenshot, I hope it helps.


You see the white empty square on left side and right side of setpoint? Press it.

Thanks! it worked.
The issue was I had a slow connection and it took forever to change the set point.

Hi all,

Since February 2016, the icons in the Stelpro Ki Thermostat device handler are broken after SmartThings made some platform change.

A new device handler was designed soon after, but we are still in the “SmartThings Release Queue Line”.

To this date, I do not have any timeframe as when SmartThings will publish the fix.
@dckirker, @Tyler, do you have any update regarding the publication request?

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Ordered 1, hopefully all goes well and then a few more will be on the way. Those blank tiles though…what’s up with that?

Hi @Jrfarrar,

As stated in my previous comment, the blank tiles is a known issue that occured after SmartThings made a platform change. I made a fix for it ~9 months ago, but SmartThings didn’t publish the fix yet.

They told me they are working on it and hope to make a release before end of this year.

However, be aware that the blank tiles are still working despite not showing any icon.
The blank tile to the left will lower the setpoint while the blank tile to the right will raise the setpoint.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Feel free to contact SmartThings support to raise the priority of this issue.

Thanks! I probably won’t be needing the tiles much as that’s what hopefully the automation will do. Looking forward to this and if all works well a few more!


Few questions.

  1. When it’s “on” aka temp below set temp I’m seeing multiple heating/idle/heating/idle per minute. Is this normal operation? My other t-stats don’t show this. I will attach a screen shot below.

  2. When trying to access this t-stat from Google Home like my others the response is that the t-stat is not “on” when I ask to set the temp on it. With my other t-stat it sets the temp.

Wondering if the above 2 are related in some way?

This was from this morning.


This is normal.
The Stelpro thermostat has a heat cycle of 15 seconds.
Therefore, the heating element is turned On and Off many times per minute.

If you do not wish to have these notifications in the “Recently” tab log, go into the thermostat settings in the SmartThings device handler and select “No” in the field: “Do you want a detailed operating state notification?”