Thermostat for in-floor heating

yes I use ct100s for the in floor heating… but the system is forced liquid and std 24 volts

A community memeber recently released a device type for this product.

The high voltage relay may work for me. I do like Nest-Manager…

I have been eyeballing nuHeat for a bit, but the price seems high and no integration into SmartThings

I am using sinope in floor thermostat to control my in floor 220V heating wire. It’s integrated with ST with an API but also independent from ST which is a huge bonus as well since I don’t like safety devices control by ST. Just for monitoring. Or turn down the heat with away routine but not up.
Yes, you will need the Sinope hub in order for it to work.

nuheat’s wifi thermostat integrates with Nest for home / away (and if you use nest manager, there to…)

I’m about to try the Stelpro KI STZW402WB+, for Electric Baseboards and Convectors:

Hi Tim,

I’m working with on a product called Mysa that will control your in-floor heating and will work with SmartThings. Mysa uses machine learning to optimize your heating for either energy efficiency or comfort - or you can just remotely control it.

We’re priced lower than other solutions and are easy to install. If you want to learn more check out We are still in development but if you are willing to wait now is a great time to pre-order.

Hope this helps!

So to confirm: Mysa will work with electric radiant floors (for example the Warming System mats)? Will it use the same ‘tiled in’ sensor that would come with the mat/Aube/sensor kit?

Hey Scott,

Mysa will work with electric radiant floors but only by using ambient air temperature measurements. There is one company that I know of that is compatible an in-floor sensor - Nuheat. Here’s their Wi-Fi thermostat:

That being said, Mysa will be able to integrate with this thermostat to make the controlling all of your home’s thermostats if you have a mix of baseboard heaters and in-floor heating.

Thanks. Unfortunately ambient air is far from ideal for in-floor heating and not really looking to have multiple devices for one thing. Product looks pretty slick though.

Have you found a solution for your setup @kramttocs ?

No, I haven’t actually installed the floor yet so haven’t pursued much with it for now. I have 3 Ecobee thermostats in my house so the module EB-RMS-01 is interesting to me but 1) it’s pricey and 2) I think it only works with the old Smart Thermostat model (also pricey for it’s age)

Hi all,

I would sincerely recommend the Sinope floor thermostat. You need to buy the neviweb interface hub as well, but there is a device handler for smart things. I have to say that it works great and I have been very happy with the purchase. This is (from what I can tell) the only smart, line-voltage, thermostat that has the option to use an in floor thermostat. It would ideally not have to use the nevi web hub, but being at the cutting edge of home automation has its drawbacks :wink:

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Any updates on the floor thermostats?

My old one is starting to go bad so wondering which one integrates with either Ecobee or ST.


Hi Andrew, how’s your project coming along, any ideas when MySa is expected to work with Smartthings?

I have 3 Tekmar 561 WiFi thermostats that I have been trying to find an integration for but no luck. They’re for a radiant in floor heat system (boiler). Anyone else have this / aware of a project for it?

I had a survey from Tekmar the other day. They asked which SmartHome products I would like to see the thermostats integrate with it. Choices were Smartthings, Google Home, Apple Home Kit, IFTT, Alexa, Wink and some others… You had to put them in order. ST was first on my list followed by google and IFTT. If anyone is still following this tread, i thought you may be interested to know that Tekmar may be looking into it.

I just noticed that Sinope will be releasing a ZigBee version of their floor heating thermostat in October. They have published a device handler for ST already. Does not require their web interface. I plan to buy one … just in time for heating season :).

That’s great. Please keep us updated if you get one when it’s released.

Please keep us updated…