Smart thermostats for electric radiators

Hi everyone,

I see there are quite a few smart thermostats like Nest, which work with several types of heating systems. However, I have only been able to find one which works with electrical radiators, I think. I am looking for one which will work with radiators either connected to a wall plug or directly to the “grid”. Anybody got experience with them, got recommendations?

Would this work?

I have the earlier version of the Sinope thermostats (with a hub and their own proprietary communication protocol) and they work quite well. There’s also MySA and Stelpro, but I don’t have any experience with the latter two.


Stelpro offers line-voltage thermostat in Z-Wave or Zigbee.

I contacted Sinopé and asked if they have thermostats for 3 phase 400 V electric radiators (which is common for European households) and unfortunately they don’t. This is how my radiators are connected, so I will have to check out other options.

Uh that might be tough. I haven’t seen any 3p smart thermostats. Another option would be a 3p contractor with a 24v coil and transformer controlled by a regular low voltage smart stat.

Hi @Qliver! Did you ever find a solution for electric radiators?

Unfortunately not. Or rather, I didn’t continue my search because at that time it didn’t seem like there were any.

An update, in the end we threw out the old heaters and got ourselves new 220V heaters from ADAX

Unfortunately they are only Wi-Fi enabled, and the thermostat is built in so it wouldn’t make sense to have external ZigBee or Z-Wave control. But I read on the forums that they might implement Google Home integration later in 2019, so I guess it should be possible to integrate them into SmartThings as well?

Bit of an Old thread but I thought I’d share my solution.

We live in a property with no gas, all electric panel heaters and boiler, as such managing the temps in each room is a bit of a nightmare - especially if you forget to turn things off!

It seems there is no real solution from firms such as NEST, HIVE or ECOBEE for those with none traditional central heating, as such I did the following. Note we use apple homekit though as of writing this there are other solutions.

Each heater is plugged into an EVE Elgato plug, these allow for remote control and you can see their Realtime usage in KW/H

Each room has a Phillips Hue motion sensor as they also have a temp sensor, At the time of putting this all together HOMEKIT was the only solution to allow the temp sensor form Hue to be read, Alexa and such are unable to read it.

Using an IOS app called Home+ each room is given an automation such as, If the temp drops below X then turn the Living room radiators on. If the temp is equal to OR greater than X then turn the living room radiators off. You can dial in further detail such as only allowing this to run if people are at home, between set times or when you’re a certain distance from home.

There are other solutions now using things like home assistant,. I know people think this is probably a bit too much effort but during the colder months our electric bills have really come down!