220 Heater with manual switch

I have 2 baseboard heaters that are 220v. Currently they are on twist timers like a hot tub at a hotel. I have read a few threads on integrating them with ST. Seams like there are 2 main methods either a appliance switch that is rated for 220v (like the Aeon one) or a controller & relay set up. Both are fine options but I would also like there to be a manual control in case the hub goes down.

Thoughts? Is there a way to have a manual switch to the relay in addition to a micro controller?

Thanks in advance!

There are a few 220 options available. Search the community as there have been many posts on this topic as well as controlling pool equipment which is also 220v. Here is one switch example with a manual override:

The main thing you need to pay attention to is the amps required for your heater. Look at the breaker to check. The above device is for 40 amps or less.

They are 20 amp each. I would rather them be controlled separate. The GE would work but i don’t think the wife would approve of a random gray box on the wall.

Maybe this z-wave Thermostat is a other option.