Connecting a Baseboard Heater

I have 2 baseboard heaters. One has a very old rotary dial thermostat. The other one has thermostat built into the heater. I would like to connect both of them to a ST.

I understand I can connect the 1st one by replacing the thermostat with zwave compatible thermostat.

How do I connect the 2nd one? Obviously, I could hard-wire a zwave thermostat to it. However, I don’t want to run any wires, so I am looking for something like the Honeywell EConnect™ Wireless Comfort Control System for Electric Heat, but is compatible with ST.

Any ideas?



Ken, I have 4 older base board heaters for my primary heat. Each has a non-descriptive rotary dial thermostate…
Basically meaning… I have a knob, but have no idea how to control the temp… let alone how to maintain a single temp through out the house. I was hoping there was a smart controller that could fit over the knobs or something… rewiring is out of the question as I will kill myself and this is a rental. What do you suggest?

I’m not sure why this is the first thread that comes up when searching “Baseboard Thermostat” in the search function. Website limitations I guess…

I have replaced two baseboards that had the similar setup. So far I’ve been most happy with the Stelpro Ki line. In terms of ease of use, that thermostat is the most straightforward device I’ve seen yet. I used webCoRE to create a complex schedule, but it would be easy enough to create a basic schedule with the apps and device types discussed in the thread I linked.

I also have a Nest for my main living space, but that required some creative engineering to get it to work, and the brain in it likes to fight my automations a little too much…

Wow…old thread!!

I ended up doing the same thing as above. I actually have 4 of the Stelpro KI thermostats and am very happy with them.

For the baseboard heater that did not have an external thermostat, I added one.

Note that there are 2 different Stelpro KI thermostats. A ZWave version as referenced above and a Zigbee version which is here: I actually have 2 of each. I prefer the Zigbee version as you can turn the thermostat completely off when you do not need it.