[ST EDGE] Z-Wave Lock PH

Morning @philh30 and @Tallblazer124

Sorry to poke, but we still have this issue of Auto Lock not being refreshed on one (out of eight) Schlage Locks.

Wondering if either of you had any ideas as to next steps?

I know @philh30 you mentioned a while back that removing from the Z-Wave Network and adding it back in wouldn’t likely resolve the issue, but maybe that’s my next attempt this weekend.

Hmmm… perhaps I…

  1. Wait to see what the ongoing Firmware Update brings first?
  2. Power-Cycle the House one more time :wink:

Noting I’ve done the following things:

  1. Power-Cycle Hub
  2. Z-Wave Repair
  3. Power-Cycled the house (to clear up the Z-Wave Mesh Network) (which got ALL EIGHT locks back on line instantly)
  4. Removed Batteries from Schlage Lock
  5. Used My SmartThings Advanced Web Interface to “toggle” the Auto Lock (this method “did” activate some of the other settings that weren’t refreshing).
  6. Tried “manually” setting Auto Lock parameter from Schlage Keypad (which “did” set Auto Lock on/off as desired at the lock, but did NOT activate the parameter Device Card).